(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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25. they're here for you...

Jessica’s POV


I woke up to the sound of the front door slamming. I shot up and search for the TV remote. I found it, and turned the TV off. I ran my fingers through my hair and fixed my clothing. I stood up, wobbling a bit, and walked to the front door. The closer I got, the louder a noise of sobbing was heard. I turned the last corner to see Harry crying on the doorstep. I ran to him and hugged him the best I could. He pushed me away and said

‘Get away from me you little-’ he didn’t finished but I knew what he was going to say. A tear trickled down my cheek as Harry bolted past me to his bedroom, slamming another door in the process. More tears made their way down my cheek as I slowly paced upstairs to my own bedroom. I pulled out my phone, which was in my back-pocket, and checked the time. 22:55. well, if I want to get enough school for sleep, I better get to bed now.


Justin’s POV


I woke up to an alarm clock? I thought I smashed that thing, well, you know, after our fight. I groaned and looked up to my bedside table to see another alarm clock. Thank you for nothing mum, and why does she even come in here?

I groaned again and pulled the covers off me. I got up and walked downstairs, yawning. My mum is whispering to my brother again? Seriously, what’s so important that I can’t know? Once again, once they see me they stop and stare into space like nothing happened. I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen, pulling out a box of cereal.

I ate in annoyance, watching my mum and brother sharing glances now and then. I threw my bowl from where I was sitting, in the sink making it smash. My mum stared at me like I was crazy. I shrugged and ran to my room. I pulled on something quick and rushed downstairs, out the door. My brother hasn’t given me any ‘jobs’ lately, after the incident with Jessica. Oh well, im seriously not complaining. I get into my car and pull out of the driveway, to drive to school. When I get there, cops are surrounding the school-grounds.

I cautiously get out and walk with my books to the entrance. Cops are looking around everywhere, what are they doing here anyway? Soon as I reach the door small hands wrap around my waist and pull me towards them. I turn around to see jess and instantly smile. She smiles back, but her face drops and she starts pulling me. I stand there watching her pull my arm. She rolls her eyes and I say

‘Jess what?’

‘I will explain when we get away from this place, just please follow me.’

I nod and let her pull me to behind the school. I was really clueless, what was this about?


Jessica’s POV


I came to school early today. I saw cops surrounding the school-grounds. I ran inside the school, up to the principal’s office. I stopped at the door when I heard hushed voices speaking.

‘A young man reported a boy who attends this school who is wanted for drug smuggling. So we will just search the students until we find him. Ok?’

I guess the principal just nodded, because I didn’t hear a response. I walked down the hallway until something inside my head clicked.

They’re looking for Justin, he smuggled drugs!

I ran to the entrance of the school and waited 15 minutes until I saw him getting out of his car with a confused expression on his face, like a clueless puppy. He is so cute confused. He walked up the steps to the entrance eyeing around him. He was at the door when I wrapped my arms around his waist. He turned around and his face went from

confused to happy. I pulled at his arm but he just stood there smirking stubbornly. I rolled my eyes and he asked

‘Jess, what?’

I replied with ‘I will explain when we get away from this place, just please follow me.’

He nods and I pull him to behind the school and look at him in the eyes. He smiles and leans in ready to kiss me, but I put a finger over his lips. He frowns and I say

‘Don’t you want to know why these cops are here?’

He nods and replies ‘but I want a kiss first!’

I roll my eyes and kiss him. He pulls out and smirks. I just roll my eyes again and he says

‘So you gonna tell me or what?’

‘The cops are here for you… someone reported you and said you came here…’

His eyes were like fish bowls and his jaw dropped.

I hugged him and he just stood still. I looked up at him and see a smirk on his face, um bipolar much? He smiles at me and says

‘Wanna wag?’

Now it’s my turn to be surprised. I shake my head quickly. He laughs and says

‘Why? What’s stopping you?’

I frown and say

‘Um my brother and mu-… yeah’

‘Aha, well come on, pleeeaaaase!’

I shake my head and say

‘If my brother finds out, you will be on even worse terms with him.’


He says while pouting. I cat resist the pout so I nod my head in defeat. He jumps up like a little kid who just got some candy. I roll my eyes and giggle. He smiles and wraps his hands around my waist. I wrap mine around his neck and we share a sweet long kiss. He pulls out and says

‘Lets goooo!’

I laugh and nod. If I get caught, I will kill him! I know im going to regret this…





Busy again… sister’s birthday…

Anyway, here’s another chapter, damn Justin got reported!?

Will Jessica and Justin get caught?

Will Justin ask Jessica out sometime, seriously?

Who dobbed Justin in?

Will Harry find out?

How will Jessica take Harry’s news?

Yes, well you’ll find out eventually…

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