(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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55. Sirens?

Jessica’s POV


Please don’t tell me Justin has something to do with that bomb, please don’t tell me Justin has something to do with that bomb, please don’t tell me Justin has something to do with that bomb, I repeated over and over in my head as we sat on the couches in Justin’s house.

Justin was looking down at his lap across from me, as Pattie was leaning on her hand still clutching onto the newspaper. Justin’s friend, who I presume is called Dav, was on his phone.

I was sitting there, almost sweating from nerves. My hands were interlocked so tightly, I think my knuckles were turning a dark shade of blue. No one has said a word for about five minutes, until Pattie finally spoke up.

‘Well Justin? Are you going to explain?’

‘Well umm I was walking around with Dav,’ he said looking over at Dav, who was now off his phone.

‘And then we heard a boom, obviously from a bomb, and started running. Well wont you if you heard something so loud and frightening?’

Pattie didn’t look so convinced.

‘Justin drew Bieber; I hope you’re not lying to your mother and your girlfriend.’

His eyes made connect with mine, turning watery.

I really couldn’t put up with his trash anymore. I wiped my eyes, from a few tears that fell from my eyes.

‘I’m going’

‘What?! Where?’ Justin asked, getting up and quickly approaching me.

‘Away…’ I mumbled before making my way to the door.

Justin was following me, trying to convince me to stay but yelling out things.

I had enough, so I turned around to face him.

‘Jess, baby, you can’t leave, you got a broken arm and I-I love you…’ he said a tear pouring down his face. I hated seeing my love like this, but he has to pull himself together and sort everything out, before he can have me.

‘Justin, I can’t take this, you are into drugs and guns, you blew up an innocent man’s car, you bombed Ryan!’ I screeched, my good hand tangled in my hair.

‘Heck, you nearly killed me…’ I whispered.

I saw his fists clench and his face turn a dark shade of red.

‘Please, just sort everything out before you come after me.’ I said before, turning on my heels and walking towards the front door once again. I felt arms wrap around my waist, and then a raspy voice whisper in my ear

‘Baby, I love you, I can’t sort everything out if you’re not with me. And I didn’t nearly kill you that was Ryan’s fault…’

I gasped, so he did lie to me.

I turned around and pulled my good hand over my mouth. It looked like he was rethinking everything he just said, and then his eyes went wide.

‘R-Ryan did something t-to your car?’ I shuttered.

‘Did I say that? Oops I must be going crazy?’ Justin replied, scratching his head.

‘Justin, don’t you dare lie to me again.’ I said through gritted teeth.

He started fiddling with his fingers, and then I knew that he was definitely lying. I threw my hands up in the air, and shouted

‘JUSTIN, THAT’S IT! You are the one that is always telling me to believe you! Heck, you even gave me this bracelet,’ I said undoing the clasp of the bracelet and ripping it of my wrist, putting it in his hand.

‘I will not see you until you sort everything out! I have had more then enough!’

He was speechless and frozen, so I took that as an advantage and stormed out the door. I heard running footsteps behind me, and whipped my head around to see Justin. I sighed in annoyance.

‘Does that mean we’re over? Where are you going to stay Jess, come on be reasonable!’ he begged.

‘Um no, we are not over, just on hold and I have no choice but to go back home.’ I said, swallowing hard.

‘b-but Jess, h-Harry h-he will hurt you…’ Justin cried.

‘Well, you have hurt me way worse Justin! Just give me space…’ I said trailing off.

He collapsed to the ground and was continually mumbling something. I huffed and started walking. I will get there eventually.


Justin’s POV


I was relieved that we weren’t over.  But that doesn’t stop me being upset that I won’t see her in a LONG time, well until I can sort everything out. I only lied to her for her own protection... I didn't want her getting involved in all of this.

That’s it, I’m going to pull myself together and fix everything. Well, that’s easier said then done. I heard sirens in the distance and looked over at the road.

Police cars were approaching me. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists; don’t tell me they’re here for me. They pulled up in front of my house and jumped out of the car, armed.

‘Put your hands up!’ yelled a cop, holding a gun out in front of him.

I slowly put my hands up, and whipped my head a round to the front door that was now being opened. I saw my mum gasp and pull her hands over her mouth.

I guess everything comes at a price. I cop walked over to me and pulled my hands down behind my back, securing them with handcuffs, making me drop Jessica’s bracelet.

I cringed; he will probably step on it. I sighed and looked down, my life is falling apart bit by bit, Jessica now this.

I looked back at my mum, who was now crying. They dragged me into the car and slammed the door shut. One cop walked over to my mum and started talking to her.

She just slammed the door in his face. I chuckled but then looked down, realizing I was in deep trouble, and there is no way I can hide now.


Jessica’s POV


Sirens? Going towards Justin’s house? This cant be good… I ignored it; they could just be going past him, right? 









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