(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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28. now i know how it feels...

Jessica’s POV


‘Ryan? What are you doing here?’

He shrugged and said

‘I came here to tell you the truth.’

‘The truth about what exactly?’


That name sparked an interest but whatever he had to tell me was probably a lie.  

‘What about him?’  I asked, clearly ticked off.

He smirked and said ‘he’s playing you…’

I rolled my eyes and said

‘Well Ryan, where’s your proof?’

‘Right here…’ he said patting his satchel. I raised an eyebrow and he said

‘Can I come in, to show you?’

I nodded slowly as he pushed his way past me into my house. I shut the door and locked it. I paced to the living room where I saw Ryan sitting down on the couch looking quite comfortable. I sighed and sat opposite him. He smirked and said

‘So where can I start?’

‘First tell me what he was doing to play me.’

He still hadn’t wiped that smirk of his face, which I was willing to do.

‘Well, I printed out some phone conversations he had with a girl. The date was just recently.’

‘And how did you get these phone conversations?’

‘I went over his house a few days ago and when he had gone to the toilet, I searched through his phone just randomly and came across these conversations. The girl’s name is Kimberly Jia. She finished school early, so she doesn’t come to school. When I read the conversation, she said ‘good game’ so im guessing they versed one another in some game.’   

He was becoming more convincing by the second. Justin does have a history, but about 1 hour ago he said he would never hurt me. I leaned over and looked at the conversations faintly. Ryan pulled a straight face and said

‘You wanna read them?’

I nodded and he passed the sheets of paper to me.


January 23 6:55pm


- Hi Justin. This is ur number right?-

- Yep, his Kim-

- Good game sat -

- Yeah… because you won ;) -

- Ha-ha yeppp -

- So… -

- You know you’re a really nice guy Justin… -

- And u r a nice girl, I think I might like you…x -

- Same here… x -


I have read enough. Justin is a liar; he can have that Kimberly girl. A tear poured down my cheek as I looked up. Ryan gave me a sympathetic look and came to sit next to me. He pulled me into his arms and I just sat there, crying into hi chest. He was whispering calming things into my ear, which made me settle down. I sniffed his scent, with was quite pleasant. I looked up to Ryan, who gave me a caring smile.

‘Im sorry jess, but I had to show you these.’

‘Its ok Ryan, you did the right thing…’

He started leaning in and so did I. I might have just found out about Justin, but I need someone. He smashed his lips into mine. I kissed back, feeling a slight spark. Not where near as much as Justin, but there was something. His hands found my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my hands around his neck. We kissed for about 10 minutes until I pulled away and rested my forehead on his. He smiled at me as I bit my lip.

‘I shouldn’t be doing this Ryan…’

‘But why not? He played you… and you guys aren’t even dating… you deserve better… he lied to you anyway… I actually like you jess…’

I smiled and said

‘Yeah, your right… thank you Ryan for this… I now need sometime to think…’

He nodded and collected his stuff. He walked out, after giving me a kiss on the cheek. z

I smiled as I saw him pace out the door, then I groaned when he left.

What have I gotten myself into?


Justin’s POV


My mum gave me a talk about girls. I looked into space the whole time, not paying attention to any of it. When she finished I slipped on my shoes and jacket and ran to the door. I went outside before she could’ve asked where I was going. I walked to Jessica’s house and saw Ryan’s car outside her house. I pressed my face up against the window and saw them in the living room.

Ryan handed her some papers and I saw her read them. She started crying and Ryan moved next to her, what is he doing? I saw their lips moving, they were talking. She looked up from his chest and he started leaning in. oh no, please no. he smashed his lips into hers and wrapped his hands around her. She put her hands around his neck and kissed him back… what do they think they are doing?

I felt a tear pour down my face. I feel like someone just stabbed me in the heart. I started more. I ran off her property, my vision blurred by the oncoming tears. Now I know what it feels like to get your heart broken… karma is horrible.


A/N oh noooooo!

Justin thinks she cheated on him and Jessica thinks he cheated on her!


Who will tell them the truth?

Ryan’s plan worked…

Justin is completely heart broken…

Jessica has taken a liking to Ryan…



Thank youuu girlies! Xx


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