(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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24. @jesshillel

Jessica’s POV


I woke up and yawned, stretching my arms out. While I did so, I accidentally hit something. I rubbed my hand and looked down. Justin was lightly snoring, his soft lips slightly parted, with his muscular arms wrapped loosely around me. I giggled at him, he’s so cute. I carefully slipped Justin’s arms off me and looked at my bedside-clock. It read 21:09. Wow, we have been sleeping for about 5 hours. I lightly shook Justin, who was now groaning in annoyance. That didn’t work so I got up and ran to my bathroom. I ran the tap and cupped some water in my hands. I skipped to the bed and poured the water on his face. Justin shot up and screamed


I broke down in laughter, having a fit on the floor. Justin’s eyes shot to mine and shook his head in a joking way. While I was still laughing I heard footsteps coming towards me. Someone sat on me and held my arms up over my head. I screamed and looked into Justin’s eyes. His knees were on either side of my hips and he was leaning down so I could feel his hot breath on my face. He smirked and said

‘You’re a cheeky girl aren’t you?’

‘Why yes I am.’

He smiled at me and leaned down just a little further to smack his lips into mine. He let go of my hands and traveled his own down to my waist. I automatically wrapped my hands around his neck. We were kissing in pure pleasure until my door opened and a gasp was heard. Justin pulled out and wiped his mouth that had my saliva all over it. I sat up and turned my head to see a shocked Harry. Justin got off me and snaked an arm around my waist. We were standing up now, fixing our shirts. Harry looked at me waiting for an explanation. I opened my mouth and said

‘What?’ after all, it was my life and I didn’t have to give him an explanation. He shook his head and said

‘What was that?’

‘It was Justin and I making out.’

He scoffed and said ‘well I don’t wanna see that!’

‘Well this is my room, so if you didn’t want to see that then you should have knocked!’

I rolled my eyes; I was getting fed up with him now. He can’t just waltz into my room and expect an explanation for what I was doing. He technically had no right.

He growled and said

‘Doesn’t matter, this punk can’t just come here and kiss you!’

‘He’s not a punk! You’re just a selfish jerk that won’t let me do what I want! Harry, im 17 now! You can’t tell me what I can do and can’t damn do! Just get out!’

He was shocked by the volume of my voice; his jaw was dropped to the floor. He scowled and turned on his heels heading downstairs. I turned to Justin to apologize, but the front door slamming interrupted me. I scowled and said my apology. He nodded and said ‘baby, no need to apologize, he is just being protective. That all.’ I nodded and he said ‘well I better get home now… it’s late.’

I nodded again and he pulled me into him giving me a soft kiss. I pulled out and we both smiled. The feelings of his lips were still lingering on mine, which felt like heaven. I watched him vanish out the front door and drive away in his car. I bit my lip and sat on the living room couch, switching on the TV. I wasn’t tired.

Ryan’s POV


I sat in my room, sipping my coke carefully as I searched the web. Something spiked my interest on the page, a twitter name. I clicked the link that took me into her page. Her profile picture with her hair tied into a high ponytail and her eyes glistening in the sun. I never really took a good look at her until now, and she was pure beauty. I looked at her name. @jesshillel. That was her surname, Hillel. Different, but it was nice. I scrolled down to her latest tweet, which was just under a day ago. It read:

- Another day :( -

I raised my eyebrows and clicked back, sending me to the Google page. I scrolled down more until I reached the school website. I clicked that link and looked on the page. School activities, school achievements, school facilities, special programs, school teachers and school students. I smirked and clicked the school student link. I scrolled down and saw a few bars that you had to type in. in one the heading was year.

I typed in, 12. The next bar read name. I typed in the obvious and it came up with her, just what I was looking for. It said her achievements but it didn’t read anything else. I huffed in disappointment and shut down my computer. That search gave me no information what so ever. I reached plan B of option 2 which was named,

Visit her.


Harry’s POV (new POV)


When I walked in on Jessica and that Justin making out, I was disappointed. I really thought she was better that that. She really told me to get lost today, which I took after a bit of a fight. I shut my car door and walked up the driveway and knocked on the front door. My girlfriend, Roxanne, opened the door. She pulled me into a kiss and I kissed her back. She pulled out and bit her lip

‘What’s up Haz?’

I shrug and say

‘Cant I see my roxy?’

He giggles and lets me in. I walk in to see her parents. I smile and walk over to greet them. After I do, she pulls me upstairs. I sit on her bed and she sits on my lap. She giggles just before her face turns a light shade of green. She hops of my lap and rushes into the bathroom, puking in the toilet. I run to her a hold her hair up, rubbing her back. Watching her puke in the toilet is disgusting, but I would do anything for my Roxy. She finishes and brushes her teeth, soon after hopping on her bed and lying down. I rub her arm and she smiles at me. I lean in a give her a quick peck on the lips. She smiles and closes her eyes. She shoots them back open and her face turns pail. I shake her and say

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ she frowns and says

‘I haven’t had my period in over a month.’

I look at her and say ‘and…?’

‘Well that’s means im pregnant.’ My jaw drops and I, myself, turn pale.

Me, a father? No way…  


A/N sorry I didn’t update yesterday girlies… it was a busy day.

I hoped you enjoyed this chapter :), because I enjoyed writing it for you.

As you can see, I like to put more then just Justin’s or Jessica’s POV in there, so tell me if you want me to continue those extra POVS in comments.


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Well, Harry might be a father?

How will that affect Jessica?

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Justin changing Jessica?

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