(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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All right reserved.


46. is that your boyfriend?

Jessica’s POV


I woke up and felt around the bed for Justin, who wasn’t there. I sighed and stretched, feeling a cold metal slide down my arm. I looked at my wrist and saw a beautiful silver bracelet. I don’t remember owning something like this? I twisted the bracelet around, so I could see the writing and it said ‘believe’.

I smiled and knew exactly who it was from. I stood up out of bed and walked to the door, opening it and shutting it behind me. I walked down the stairs and saw Justin at the kitchen bench, munching on some cereal. He whipped his head towards the stairs, and smiled when he saw me. He got up off his stool and walked towards me on the stairs, snaking his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in, kissing him.

He kissed back and pulled out, intertwining his hand with mine. He looked down and saw the bracelet, instantly smiling wider. He leaned in and whispered in my ear saying

‘Baby, you like it?’

I nodded and said

‘Justin, it’s remarkable.’

She smiled at me again and took me to the kitchen, making me a bowl of cereal.

‘You have school today baby.’

He said in an ordering tone. I groaned in annoyance and ate my cereal. When I finished, I took a glimpse at Justin, who was leaning his head on his hand staring at me.

‘What?’ I asked, blushing slightly.

‘You are just so beautiful.’

I giggled and then said

‘Justin? What am I going to wear?’

‘Ah, well your jeans were in the washing yesterday, so they are clean and you can wear my hoodie.’ I nodded and walked upstairs to Justin’s room.

I picked up my jeans, which was neatly folded on his drawers, and picked out a soft hoodie from his closet. I slipped them on, and threw the clothes I was previously wearing in his washing basket. I sighed and looked in the mirror, my hair was a mess and I had no makeup. Then it struck me, would Pattie mind?

Just for now… I would get Justin to drop me off at home after school so I could get some stuff, then leave with him. I walked out of Justin’s bedroom door and knocked on Pattie’s door. She answered almost immediately and said

‘Oh hello Jessica, would you like something?’

‘Yeah um well I was wondering’ I said biting my lip ‘if I could burrow your makeup and like a brush?’

She nodded and disappeared into her room. I waited in her door frame until she came back with a small make up kit and a brush.

‘Here sweetie, these are new, so you can keep them if you like.’

‘Thank you so much Pattie!’ I exclaimed, flashing her a smile.

‘No problem sweetie.’ She replied, returning a smile before shutting her door.

I sighed and clinged to the things in my hands, before walking towards Justin’s room. He was sitting on the bed, shirtless with a toothbrush in his mouth. I smiled at him and went to his bathroom.

I put down the make up and brush and looked in the mirror a second time. I applied my make up and brushed my hair. My hair was naturally pretty wavy, so I left it like that. Plus, I can’t do anything about it anyway. Justin walked into the bathroom just as I packed up all the makeup. He spat the toothpaste in the sink and said

‘Baby, I have a spare toothbrush, if you wanna use it?’

I nodded and took the toothbrush, brushing my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs to the front door. I heard a fast pace of footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around and lips were crashed into mine. I kissed him back and pulled out. Justin smiled and said

‘Alright baby, im dropping you at school.’

‘Ok babe.’

We walked outside hand in hand and hopped into our sides of the cars. The drive was normal, awkward and silent. When Justin pulled up in front of the school, I got out quickly, waving him off. He smiled at me and drove off.

I flipped my hoodie up over my head and made my way to the front doors of the school. I saw Christian leaning against the locker texting on his phone. I slid my hoodie off and walked up to him smiling. He smiled back and pulled me into a hug.

‘I didn’t see you at school yesterday? Where were you?’

‘I ah… kinda forgot about it…’

‘Oh ok.’ he said winking at me. I rolled my eyes and headed to my locker, Christian following closely behind me. I found it and did the combo, soon unlocking it. On the door was a small picture of me and Justin. We were smiling at the camera, his arm draped around my waist. I smiled and I guess Christian saw the picture because he said

‘Is that your boyfriend?’

I nodded and he said

‘He looks familiar…’

I swallowed hard; did he see him on the news? Or did he see him walking around the school, bullying everyone in sight? Either way, it would be bad.

‘Oh really, where?’ I asked, curiously.

‘I can’t remember…’ he said, tapping his chin with his index finger.

I grabbed my books from my locker and quickly slammed in, which shocked Christian. He furrowed his eyebrows just as the siren went.

‘Well, I gotta go to class, see you at lunch?’

I said, before scurrying away into the crowd of students.

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