(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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57. I'm sorry

Justin’s POV


Blugh, orange. I hate this colour. I sighed and sat down on the seat across from an officer.

‘we called your girlfriend to come down here for questioning Mr. Bieber.’ One officer said.

‘You what?!?’ I said standing up off my chair.

‘We called your girlfriend.’ Repeated another officer.

‘Don’t get her involved! She knows nothing!’ I shouted.

‘Calm down Mr. Bieber.’ Said the first officer.

I sat down in my chair and ran a hand through my hair. My head shot up when I heard the door of the questioning room open.

Jessica walked in, looking gorgeous like always. My face lit up when I saw her, but then I remember we aren’t technically in a relationship. I sighed and my expression fell again. I looked up and saw her looking through the glass with tears in her eyes.

I hate seeing her cry, it kills me. I walk up to the glass and press my hand against it, leaving a mark. She walks up to the glass too and presses her hand were mine was.

She smiles at me and looks down, tears pouring down her face. An officer rolls his eyes and pushes me back down in my seat. I sigh and roll my eyes.

‘Im sorry.’ I hear Jessica whisper through the glass.

I seriously don’t know how I heard that. I sigh again and look up at the officer.

‘Liking the jumpsuit Mr. Bieber?’ he says, chewing his gum and smirking.

‘Yeah it’s lovely.’ I sarcastically spit back.

‘Careful Bieber, your life is in my hands.’ He says, making a fist.

Then he walks out of the room and into the main area. I look down at my lap and start fiddling with my fingers until I hear the door open again.

Soon, I see jessica’;s legs in front of me. I look up and smile. She wraps her arms around my neck as I stand up and place my hands on her hips.

I lean down and make sure it’s ok, before I kiss her. She kisses back and I feel hot tears press against my cheek. I pull out and cup her face with my hands.

‘Baby, its ok we will sort something out.’

‘I-I love y-you Justin. I-I’m s-so sorry-y.’

‘I love you too jess, its ok, no need to be sorry. ‘

She nods and buries her head in my chest. I caress her head and rest my chi on her head.

‘Ok ok lovebirds. Excuse me miss. Hillel. You have to sit down in a chair now.’ I hear an officer say. She pulls away from me and wipes her cheeks, before sitting down on a chair next to me.

I sit down in my chair and take her hand, intertwining our fingers. She turns to me and smiles. I smile back then whisper

‘You don’t know anything.’ She nods and gives my hand a squeeze.  

‘Ok so is it true that you, Mr. Bieber, have been dealing drugs?’

‘no.’ I reply back

‘Ok, is it true you blew up a man’s car?’


‘Well is it true, you injured Ryan butler with a hand grenade?’

‘no.’ I reply, for the third time.

‘Hmmm ok.’ he says, before picking up his walky-talky.

‘Send her in.’ he says into it.

The door opens revealing who I least expected in a million years. I don’t really know her, but I recognize her face.

I look over at Jessica who has her mouth wide open and tears streaming down her face. She intertwines our fingers and looks over at her mum, who is sitting in the chair in front of us, looking quite proud.

‘So, this is Ms. Alence, also known as Marie and Miss. Hillel’s mum.’

‘What-t is sh-she doing-g here?’ Jessica asked, still shaking slightly.

‘She is the witness. The one who has been handing Mr. Bieber in.’ the officer finishes.

What the hell?!







OHHHHH that was like a brick in the face…. O.o

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