(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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47. i really miss her

Jessica’s POV


I walked into the crowded cafeteria, being shoved and nudged by nearly everyone. I was looking for Christian, who I couldn’t see anywhere. I walked outside, near the benches and saw Christian pressing a girl against the wall fiercely kissing her.

I cleared my throat and Christian pulled out and looked at me with sorry eyes. I shrugged and looked down at my feet. I heard shuffling and a bit of whining, then silence. I looked up and Christian was right in my face.

He wiped his mouth and stepped back a bit, messing with the sleeves of his hoodie.   

‘Sorry about that…’ he said, trailing off mumbling.

‘Nah, its cool Chris, just um warn me next time.’ I replied flashing him a smile. He smiled back and took my hand, in a friendly way, leading me to one of the benches.

He sat down opposite me and leaned his head on his hand, like Justin did this morning, almost in an admiring manner. I ate the lunch Justin made for me quickly and smiled at Chris. He smiled back and I said

‘So Chris, who was that girl.’ I said wriggling my eyebrows. He chuckled and said

‘Ah… my girlfriend, Griffin.’

I nodded and he said

‘I figured where I saw your boyfriend.’ I swallowed hard and waiting for his answer.

‘He plays for the school basketball team, doesn’t he?’

I was shocked by his answer, so my eyes went wide. But they gained their normal size and I said

‘Ah yeah… he does.’

He smiled and then chuckled.

‘What?’ I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows.

‘You looked like I was going to say something bad, like I saw him on some criminal watch.’ He was laughing, holding his stomach in the process. I swallowed hard again and said

‘Oh yeah… ha-ha don’t be silly…’  

He smirked and the siren went, for the next class. I groaned in annoyance and gave Chris a hug. He waved me off and disappeared into the cafeteria. I walked through the cafeteria, towards the hallway. I walked to my next class, my hoodie up over my head.

I sat at the back of the classroom and sighed. This is going to be one long lesson I thought. Then, I saw Ryan walking over to me, smirking, oh no.


Justin’s POV


I sat on the couch, stuffing chips in my mouth as I was listening to my mum talking to me, kinda. She was trying to figure out some ways I could go to school and get out of the mess I’m in. I thought it was impossible, but my mum has like 3 plans.

I haven’t heard anything she has said, so will get a beating later when she has to explain this 3 hour speech again. She finished and said

‘Ok, so which plan do you want to go with?’

Shoving a piece of paper in my face. I snatched the piece of paper from her hands, and placed my bag of chips on the coffee table.

‘I know you weren’t going to listen, so I wrote out all of the ideas.’

I looked up and half-smiled at her, mum returned with a playful roll of the eyes. There was a disguise plan, online work plan and a move-to-another-state plan.

I took a pen from her and scribbled out the last idea, which would mean I would have to leave jess, which is definitely not happening. I liked the idea of disguising as someone else; it would mean I could still go out without being careful.

So I looked up at mum and pointed at the disguise plan. She nodded and chucked me a black wig and blue eye-contacts. I chuckled and placed the wig on my head. I popped in the contacts in. I turned to mum and she said

‘Oh, where did Justin go?’

I chuckled at her stupidness and playfully rolled my eyes. She laughed and said

‘Well that means you are going to school tomorrow.’ I groaned in annoyance and took the wig and contacts off. I gripped onto them and walked up to my room, grabbing the chips in the process. I’ll have to pick up jess soon; finally, I really miss her.


A/N awwwwwww cute!

What do you think of the disguise plan?

What will Ryan do to jess?

Where’s Christian (Bieber)?

Are any of you confused about the Christian and Christian thing? If you are just tell me and I’ll make up some sort of thing.

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