(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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49. i hate myself

Jessica’s POV


I waited around the front of the school until Justin came. Christian left ages ago, and so did the rest of the school by the looks of the empty school-yard.

Ryan tried to persuade me that Justin was cheating again, but he caught on and left me alone. I didn’t want to believe Ryan, he is a big jerk.

I sigh and stand up, preparing to walk. I started walking down the street until I saw Justin’s car wrap around the corner at a fast speed. I gasped and clinged the books closer to my chest. I saw Justin struggle inside the car, which was coming right towards me.

He made this quick hand gesture before the car smacked into me. In agony, I started crying, my books spread across the grass. I heard footsteps come towards me and opened my eyes, even if it was painful.

Justin was looking down at me with tears pouring down his face. I smiled lightly but then cringed in pain. I must have broken about one hundred bones, it sure felt like it. I continued crying and screaming in pain, as Justin was on the phone frantically trying to get help.

Justin ran a hand through his hair and pulled a hoodie over his head. I already had a broken wrist, what now? Justin sat beside me in an uncomfortable position, holding my hand lightly whispering over and over how sorry he was.

He was full on crying, which surprised me. I noticed how soft Justin has been these past days, and it’s scared me, in a good way. I heard ambulance sirens approach, and as soon as the paramedics were in front of me, I blacked out.


Justin’s POV


I was pacing back and forth in the waiting room, waiting for some news. I can’t believe I knocked over the love of my life with my car! What the hell is wrong with me!?

I have seen nothing but doctors rushing back and forth frantically and have heard nothing but the beeping of machines. I hate myself, why did I do this? Im such a jerk. It wasn’t my fault really, but I was still driving at the time.

I saw a doctor walk towards me, with worry all over his face, that’s not good. I pulled my hoodie over my head again, I’m still a criminal remember. He smiled at me and said

‘Are you here for miss, Hillel?’

I nodded my head and he continued

‘Well, I want to assure you that she’s alive, but has severe injuries.’

I nodded my head again, relieved that my baby is okay.

‘Are you her brother?’

‘No No, I’m her boyfriend.’

He nodded and wrote something down on his notepad.

‘Well can you explain what happened?’

‘I lost control of my car and she was walking on the sidewalk, so I hit her, purely by accident. But it felt like my car was meddled with.’

He nodded and wrote down in his notepad again.

‘Well, you might want to see the police about the meddling bit, but the hit was all we needed to know. She is currently having surgery, just stitches so you might have to wait a while.’

I nodded before saying

‘Ok, as long as it takes.’

He smiled at me and walked off. I sat down in one of the waiting room chairs and pondered on who would’ve meddled with my car. I’m definitely not seeing the police, they might recognize the car, let alone me. I sighed in frustration and tapped my chin.

That’s when it hit me. Could it be? Well I’m going to find out. I pulled my phone out and dialed his number. He picked up within 2 rings

‘Who do you think you are?’ I said through gritted teeth.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about Justin.’ He spat back.

‘Don’t play dumb with me; you know exactly what ‘im talking about!’

‘Oh the car being meddled with bit, yeah that was me.’ I could just imagine the smirk on his face.

‘JERK!’ I yelled into the phone, making everyone stare at me. I slouched back in my chair and the phone went dead. I groaned in annoyance and frustration.

How could he do this! My eyelids became heavy, and I tried everything I could to keep them open. But being bored waiting in a waiting room doesn’t help at all. I fell asleep within seconds, thinking about if my baby is actually ok. This is all Ryan’s fault…









Oh well… that’s heavy…

Love you girlies!!!! xxxx


Stay swaggy ;)

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