(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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20. 'hi I'm Quinn...' (the plan part 1)

Jessica’s POV


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I groaned and got out of bed doing everything I needed to do. Before I walked downstairs to eat breakfast, I crept into my sister’s room. Yeah I had a sister. By that I mean, she pasted away, when I was 14 to be exact. I loved my sister, we were best friends. He name was Veronica, a party-hard chic. She went to parties every night, and had an extreme hangover the next day. She would always come home late and throw up everywhere. My mum was disappointed with her and yelled at her all the time. She would just shrug it off.  She died from alcohol poisoning, just what we were afraid of.  She was a little older then my brother, 20 when she died.

 I cried for months, but now, four years later, I’m over it. I still have moments when I just miss her and want her to talk to me and make me feel worth it again, but I guess I have Justin for that now. Actually, Justin, I’m not so sure. I’ll have an answer soon though. Anyway, I walked to her closet and looked through her clothes. We should be the same size now, but she was really thin for her age. No one has been in her since her death, we were all afraid to. But this is an emergency. I picked out something that was just what I needed. I took out a leopard-print crop-top and high-waisted leather tights. 

I run with them back to my room and slip them on. These clothes were skin-tight nothing like what I normally wear. I pull on a pair on black vans and straighten my hair again. I put on my makeup and pop in the eye contacts. I look in the mirror and smile to myself, just what I wanted and just what I need. I look like a completely different person, more then last night. I’m naturally brown haired, green eyed but now I’m blonde haired, blued eyed. I walk downstairs and thankfully no one is here to see me. I walk to the fridge and pull out something edible. Harry has a weird habit of taking a bite out of things, and putting it back into the fridge. Gross. I eat that and walk out the door, for school. I enter the front doors of school, and everyone turns around to face me. I smile nervously and walk to my locker; no one knows it’s mine, well besides Justin. 

I quickly get the things I need for today, and pace to where I know Justin and his friends are. I have time to kill plus this is apart of my devious plan. Everyone is whispering and looking at me, while almost every guy is eyeing me. I wink at one guy and he blushes. Ha-ha sucker, if he knew who I actually am. I walk to the benches outside and see them, Ryan, Chaz, Justin and Dianna, Arden and Monique. Those girls define plastic. I walk to them and they all turn around to look at me. I giggle and say

‘Um hi, I’m Quinn do you know where maths class is?’

I got my main victim stepping forward, snaking an arm around my waist. I play dumb and giggle again. He smirks and says

‘Well babe, just by luck, that’s were I’m heading too.’

 I Nod and bite my lip. He pulls me closer to him and whispers in my ear

‘You are one hot piece.’

I giggle again and he pulls me through the hallways. We walk into class and he sits next to me with his fingers laced with mine. It kind of freaks me out to think were those fingers have been. I turn around and see Justin and Chaz whispering to each other. They see me and both raise the eyebrows. I turn around and sigh. Oh I forgot to tell you, my main suspect is not Justin, it’s Ryan. See, if I be with Ryan, I can find out more by going with him when he hangs out with Justin and listening in to what they talk about. Plus, Justin might not want to date another person besides me, as in Jessica. Wait, he isn’t really my boyfriend; he is like a friend with benefits. Scratch that, just benefits.


I listen to the class while Ryan fidgets with my fingers, I kind of like it.  I turn and smile at him and he smiles back. I can’t be falling for Ryan while doing this can I?

I like Justin, Ryan is just using me for the looks, I know it. The class ends and I walk with Ryan. He gives me quick pecks all over my face now and then. I’m getting annoyed by this thing he’s doing. But I can’t show any other emotion but love. I get exactly what I’m asking for; we’re all going to Justin’s house this afternoon after school.  Ryan invited me and I gladly accepted.


Justin’s POV


That chic Quinn Ryan has is pretty hot. She always giggles at his remarks and kisses. She looks like Jessica, except the hair and eyes. She even talks like Jessica. Where is Jessica anyway? She always comes to school. Maybe she’s sick? Maybe she’s having a breakdown? I feel horrible at the thought.  I turn pale and Chaz turns to me and says ‘man, what’s wrong?’ I shake my head and say ‘nothing.’

‘You’re just awfully quiet.’ He comes out of the toilet cubicle and washes his hands. I look in the mirror again and fix my hair. I wink at myself, a confidence booster I guess. I’ve always had a record for being vain, but after I actually met Jessica, I care for her more.

He looks at me and says

‘Ryan’s girl is hotttt.’

‘Yeah I guess.’ I reply.

‘I want her…’

That’s Chaz talking to him self. That was quite disturbing actually. I shake my head and chuckle under my breath. We walk out to see Quinn on her phone with her other hand holding Ryan’s. This is the first time I’ve seen him look, I don’t know, in love. This is different…



A/N ohhhhh SNAP!!!


Ryan in love with ‘Quinn’?

Justin misses Jessica?

Jessica falling for Ryan?

Chaz wants ‘Quinn’?


This is one part of the plan, you like?

Please comment what you think will happen or want to happen, I’ll take suggestion? ;)

Thanxxxxx girliessssss xx stay swaggy :)

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