(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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56. cops... justin... jail

Jessica’s POV


I was right in front of my house, looking at the front door and the driveway skeptically. Should I go in there? I sighed and looked down at my chucks.

I kicked a stone that was in front of me, and watched it travel up the drive way. I guess I have no choice. I started walking up the driveway, but got interrupted by my phone ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket, without looking at the contact and tapped ‘answer.’

‘Hello, is this Jessica?’ Pattie cried into the phone.

‘Yeah, Pattie, it’s me. What’s wrong?’ I asked, now getting worried.

‘Cops… Justin… jail.’ Was all I heard between sobs.

‘Oh my gosh, ok Pattie I’ll be there in 10 minutes, just let me pack some clothes.’

‘Ok sweetie, thank you.’ She answered, before hanging up.

I ran down the driveway and to the front door. I slipped my hand under the front door mat, and pulled out a key.

I slipped it into the lock, and unlocked the door. I walked in to face complete silence. Yes, thank god. I ran upstairs and into my room. Everything was just how I left it, thankfully.

I ran to my closet and pulled out a small backpack, placing it on my bed behind me. I stuffed everything I needed essentially; the best I could with one arm.

I swung the bag over my back and ran my hand through my hair. I walked to my mirror and sighed, I was a mess.

At least I had make up and a hair brush while I was at Justin’s those few days. I looked around my room, for the last time in a long time, and walked back downstairs. I slipped out the front door, sure to slip the front door key in my pocket.

I started running down the pathway. I arrived at Justin’s house, within 5 minutes. Pattie was waiting at the front veranda. When she saw me puffed out on her front lawn, she ran down the steps of her veranda and came towards me, engulfing me in a hug.

I hugged her back and heard her say something to me

‘Sweetie, why are you running with a broken arm?’

‘I was… desperate to get… here.’ I choked out, still puffing.

‘Come on sweetie, let’s go inside.’

She took my hand and started leading me inside. That’s when I saw something glistening in the sun on the grass. I let go of Pattie’s hand, and walked towards the thing.

Her eyes followed where I was walking. I was in front of it, so I picked it up.

‘What is it?’ Pattie asked from behind me.

‘The bracelet Justin gave me…’ I whispered, tears threatening to fall.

I turned around to face her, and a tear escaped my eye.

‘It’s ok sweetie, we can go cry inside.’

I nodded and chuckled before walking inside, following Pattie. She set me down on the couch, and then ran to the kitchen.

I sighed and leaned back, pulling my bag off my back and dropping it on the floor. Pattie rushed back into the living room, holding a glass of water.

I took it from her, and thanked her. We sat there for a while, in silence until I got a phone call.


‘Ah hello?’

‘Are you girlfriend of Justin Bieber?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘We want you down at the station for questioning.’

‘Oh ok, bye.’

‘Bye miss.’

And then the officer hung up. I gulped and looked at Pattie, who had watery eyes.

I nodded and got up off the couch, walking towards the stairs taking my bag with me. I ran to Justin’s room and chucked my bag on his bed.

I walked to his bathroom and stripped down. I got in the shower and twisted the hot water knob. I showered and got out, wrapping the towel closest to me around my body.

I walked out into Justin’s room and walked to his mirror. I looked in it and sighed. I ripped the plastic bag off my cast and chucked in on the floor. I walked towards his bed, and tucked the edge of the towel under my arm.

I picked up my bag and searched through it, looking for something to wear to the police station. I ended up slipping on some black skinny jeans and a knitted sweater with blue, peach and tan stripes.

I pulled on my blue vans and walked towards the mirror again. I picked up my brush and started brushing my hair. When I finished, I picked up my makeup container, and started doing my makeup. I

loved pretty good in the end. I looked at the top of Justin’s drawers and saw the bracelet he gave me. Without hesitation, I slipped it around my wrist.

I stuffed everything back in my bag and walked downstairs to see a crying Pattie.

I side hugged her the best I could and said

‘Pattie, it’s ok. I’m seeing him now; I will try and sort everything out.’

She looked up and smiled at me.

‘You are such a good girl Jessica.’

‘Thank you Pattie.’ I said, giggling.

‘Here.’ She said handing me car keys ‘take my car.’

I smiled and took the keys, before walking towards the front door and opening it. I walked to Pattie’s car that was in the driveway, and hopped in. I started the engine and started driving to the station. This is going to be interesting.







Love you girlies xxx


Stay swaggy ;)


P.S Im defiantly doing a sequel, so be ready ;)

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