(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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16. brother's friends

Jessica’s POV


Justin Bieber kissed me. The person I would classify as my bully for years kissed me. I just can’t get over it. He was a great kisser and he said he felt sparks? But he probably says that to all the girls he kisses. I walk to the kitchen and see a large brown-paper bag.  I opened it and saw the take-away food Harry was bringing. It was still warm. That reminds me, where’s Harry? I look in his room but he’s not there. I run back to my room and my phone lights up. I walk over to it and look at the lock screen. Harry’s name is in bold print. I tap my messaging app and see what Harry wrote.


-Sorry had to leave urgently, be safe x-


He always has to leave urgently. I open the take-away bag and eat my share. I turn the TV in my room on and watch that. I slowly drift off to sleep, under my warm covers.

Should I give Justin another chance?



Justin’s POV


I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. I whacked it off the bed-side table, resulting to a loud crash. I groan and the loud noise that made and turn over to look at the damage. Smashed, all over my floor. I groan for a second time and hop out of bed, avoiding the small sharp pieces on the floor. I walk out into the hallway outside my room and chuck a left to the main bathroom. My en-suite shower is clogged or something, we need to get a plumber in there.

I turn on the shower and hop in, taking the max of 5 minutes. I hop out and wrap a towel around my waist. I look in the mirror and run a hand through my hair. I pick up a toothbrush and start brushing my teeth. I sway back and forth humming a song. I look like a complete retard. My brother opens the door of the bathroom and pops his head in. I roll my eyes and he says

‘Whatcha humming Justine?’ I laugh evilly and reply

‘Nothing that you’ve heard Christine. Oh and by the way, what colour did you paint you nails today?’

He huffs and closes the door, well what a waste of conversation. Talking girly is gross, for boys anyway. I walk outside, with the towel still wrapped around my waist. I see Chris downstairs with his friends. I think I can name one, um Levi, I think that’s his name. I quickly walk to my room and pull a pair of black skinny jeans on and a plain white T. I slip a black leather jacket over the top and slip black supras on my feet. Yeah that’s the brand of shoe I wear, supra. I put my hair into a quaff and quickly make my bed, because I know my mums gonna make me do it anyway if I don’t, I slowly walk downstairs.

My brother and his group of 4 friends turn to face me. They are all older, one even has a beard. Christian steps forward and I just stand still. He pats me on the shoulder and points to one of the guys, with black hair spiked up and baggy green pants. The guy gives me his tanned hand to shake and I shake it. It the midst of that greeting he says ‘sup im Levi.’

I knew I knew one of the guys. I nod and the next guy puts his hand out. He also has black hair and tanned skin. He has piercing green eyes that kind of scare me. I take a step back and shake his hand from there. I may be 18, but these guys are trying to intimidate me, and it’s clearly working. The guy clears his throat and says ‘im Liam.’ I nod and stand with my hands behind my back. One of the guys left to get something from his car, so that leaves me with one more guy to meet.

He puts out his fist for me to bump. I bump his fist with mine and look at his appearance. He is the complete opposite of the other guys. He has dark blonde hair that’s put into a front side-fringe and electric blue eyes. He was quite an attractive guy, don’t take that statement wrong. He looks at me with a smirk on his face and says ‘I’m Steven, and I guess you’re Justin?’ I nod and Christian says

‘Ok Justin, you met my friends wanna scoot now?’ I set off without hesitation. I go out the front door and hop into my car. I pick up my phone, which was in my front pocket, and dial a number. With in 3 rings a voice picks up on the other side saying


I reply back with a simple ‘hi’.

‘Whatcha call for?’

‘Oh wanted to know if you were free.’

‘Yeah I am wanna come over?’

‘Yeah sure we can play something’

‘Yeah sure see ya in a bit bro bye!’

‘See ya bro!’  


That was an awkward conversation. I forget about it and start driving to his house. As soon as I do that, a random thought comes into my mind. The lovely Jessica. I wonder if she made up her mind yet. I text Ryan saying I’ll be there in 20 and take a bit of a detour. This could turn out well, right?


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