(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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21. are you guys idiots? (the plan part 2)

Jessica (Quinn’s) POV


Ryan picked me up at the nearest café. I didn’t want him to see where I lived. We were on a drive to Justin’s house, if you didn’t already know. We pulled up to his house, so familiar. I remember the kidnap like it happened yesterday. Every time I see Justin I get a shiver down my spine after what I saw. He is a drug-dealer. Ryan picked up my hand and laced his fingers with mine. She smiled at me this time, no smirk? I smile back and he knocks on Justin’s door. A shirtless Justin opens the door and Ryan and Justin do their bro handshake thingy. I giggle at it and Ryan turns and smiles at me again. Justin pushes us in to see an orange-haired girl and Chaz kissing on the couch. Justin looks at us and rolls his eyes playfully.

We walk to the living room and Justin sits down on the opposite couch to Chaz and his girl. Ryan lets go of my hand and walks to Chaz. Chaz is too busy to notice Ryan, so Ryan sneakily slaps him in the face. Chaz jumps and the girl falls off the couch. Justin, Ryan and I start laughing and rolling on the floor. I wish I could put that in slow motion, their faces were priceless. Chaz stands up, brushing himself off, and walks to Ryan. While Ryan is rolling on the floor laughing, Chaz slaps him in the face.

 Ryan starts cursing at Chaz as Chaz returns hurtful comments. They were about to punch each other until Justin whistled. They jumped at the noise, both sitting back in their originally places like nothing happened. Chaz’s ‘friend’ is sitting on Chaz’s lap while he talks about some video game to the boys. My hand is laced with Ryan’s, but I wish I was holding Justin’s hand. Justin is on his phone listening vaguely to the discussion. He gets off his phone but as soon as he does I get a text message. It’s from Justin.


- Hey wat’s up baby girl?-


I ignore it and do other things on my phone. I listen to their conversation until a name spikes my interest, Jessica.


Justin’s POV


Ryan brings up Jessica.

‘I didn’t see that piece of trash, Jessica walking in the hallways today.’


I quickly glimpse a look at everyone’s faces, Quinn’s expression shows hurt. Why was this though? Jessica can’t hear me right now, so I reply


‘Yeah that junk, she probably found out she needed a license to be that ugly.’

 As much as it stung to say it, everyone was amused by it. All except Quinn, she had tears in her eyes, but why?


Ryan returned with a joke

‘Yeah, she is so ugly, I bet her parents asked for a refund.’


I didn’t laugh but everyone else was rolling on the floor. Quinn had a tear roll down her cheek, but not from laughter. Seriously, what the hell?

Ryan looks at her and his mood drops. He frowns and looks at her with a sympathetic look. She smiles lightly and whispers something to Ryan. He whispers something back and she frowns but smiles when Ryan looks at her.  

Ryan actually cared for someone?

Chaz and Emily, his girlfriend, say they’re going. I nod and lead them out the door. When they go I walk back to the couch. Quinn looks at me and says

‘So who’s Jessica?’

I swallow hard and look at Ryan. He has a curious look on my face. I reply what he wants to hear. ‘She’s this ugly piece of trash at school that no one cares about. Everyone hates her and she is always in the crying sobbing like a loser.’

Quinn has a horrified look on her face. She backs away from Ryan. I look at her with this perplexed look on my face. She slowly shakes her head and whispers


‘Justin I thought you cared…’

 I look at her even more confused then Ryan. She rolls her eyes, which are full of hatred.


‘ARE YOU GUYS IDIOTS? I AM JESSICA. I CAME IN HERE TO SEE WHAT YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF ME. This was one sick prank wasn’t it Justin… I-I don’t know what to s-say…’


She’s Jessica? Ryan has tears in his eyes, I know he loved Quinn. Even though they met this morning, he fell, fell hard. Ryan has NEVER fallen in love with ANYONE.

I had tears pouring down my cheeks; I just said the most horrible things of her in front of her. I stand up to her shaking body and manage to choke out

‘B-baby I-I didn’t m-mean it…’


She shakes her head and laughs.

‘Justin, I was foolish enough to think you cared and loved me. Ryan it was nice playing with you because it was my revenge for killing me on the inside. I hate both of you so NEVER talk to me again!’


She ran to the front door and opened it, slamming it behind her. Ryan looked at me with his red eyes

‘I fell for Jessica?’

I nod and he puts his face in his hands, muttering things I couldn’t understand.

I wake up and realize that the most precious thing to me just ran out that front door. Im going to fix this, just with tears in my eyes…



A/N well that’s the plan…. It clearly worked….

Justin you stuffed up REAL bad….


Ryan fell for ‘Quinn’

Justin hates himself

Chaz doesn’t give a…

Jessica found out what she needed to


Thank you girliessss

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