(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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41. and the girl?

Jessica’s POV


The doctor put a small cast around my wrist; he said I will have it on for another 5 weeks. I sighed in annoyance and thanked my doctor, before walking out of the room. I looked around the waiting room and saw a sleeping Justin. He was slouched on the chair, about to fall off. I rushed to him and bit my lip, he is so cute.

I bent down and gave him a peck on the lips.  His eyes shot open and he rubbed them, soon after looking up at me. He faintly smiled and stood up starting to apologize, saying he didn’t mean it and all that. I cut off his gibberish speech by kissing him passionately; wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed back and pulled out. He huffed, breathless and said

‘Thank you…’

‘For what?’ I asked curiously.

‘For forgiving me…’ I smiled at him and gave him one last peck on the lips, before he guided me to his car. He opened the passenger door for me, and I kindly accepted his gesture, as he walked around to his side of the car. He hopped in and started driving. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on the window.

It was about, 7 at night and I was already tired. It has been a long day for me. When I opened my eyes, we were out the front of Justin’s house. I looked at him confused and he said

‘I figured you would want to stay with me, because you know…’

I remembered what Harry had done and said to Justin and what he did to me. I nodded my head as a tear poured down my cheek. Justin wiped it away with his thumb, and gave me a sympathetic smile.

‘You can stay with me as long as you want…’

‘But your mum…’

‘She’ll get over it eventually…’

I nodded and followed him to the front door. He opened it and led me to the living room, holding my good hand tightly. His brother was sitting on the couch, eating a bag of chips, and his mum was in the kitchen stirring a pot.

Justin rushed to the stairs, before either of them could see me but luck wasn’t with us. Justin’s mum coughed and we whipped our heads around.

‘Justin, what are you doing?’

Justin shrugged and said

‘Going, to my room?’

‘Are you going to explain the girl…?’

‘Ah mum, you’ve met her… and hated her…’ he mumbled the last part. Justin’s mum sighed and put down her spoon, approaching us. He pulled Justin into a hug and said

‘Baby, I know what you said earlier was out of frustration… im sorry for jumping to conclusion… im very sorry…’

Justin nodded and pulled out of the hug, coming to my side again. Justin’s mum looked at me and said

‘and im sorry… I was just so stressed out at te time and… I don’t know what came over me. I see Justin clearly loves you and that he is still with you,’ justin rolled his eyes ‘so I guess I shouldn’t of jumped to conclusions again.’

I nodded and Justin’s mum gave me a hug, which I gladly returned.

‘Oh and, im Pattie’

‘And im Jessica.’ I said giving her a friendly smile.

‘So ah dinner will be ready in a bit, is Jessica staying over?’

Justin nodded.

‘Well she can join us, if she wants to.’

‘That would be lovely.’ I replied giving Justin’s hand a squeeze.

‘I’ll call you, now go off and no funny business.’ She said pointing a finger at Justin. Justin put his hands up in surrender and I giggled. Pattie smirked and turned back to his cooking. Justin’s brother turned around and said

‘As if he would listen to that mum.’

I heard Pattie laugh as we made our way to Justin’s room. I sat on the bed and gasped as I remembered something. I looked down at my phone and saw 2 missed calls from Christian. I dialed his number as Justin watched me.

‘I just gotta make a phone call, ok?’

He smiled at me and raised his eyebrow


I smirked and nodded. He sighed and fell back onto his bed.

‘But be back in 5 minutes, I wanna cuddled before dinner’ he mumbled. I laughed and stepped outside his room and listened to his voice pick up.

‘Hi Christian!’

‘Hi jess.’


A/N I hope you girlies enjoyed it… I would update my other Movellas like ‘you became famous’ and ‘I can catch her’ but I just don’t have the time… I might tomorrow…

Love you all xxx




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