Blood is thicker than water

'I leant into his side, smiling to myself when i felt his arm tighten around me'

14 year old Alicia lives in a small village in the 14th century. Trying to discover herself, and the true meaning of love, family and friendship. Along with her best friend Mary and the gorgeous Elias, she faces the horrors of the black death. Will she survive? Will she have anyone left?

'Please... please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone...'


8. Chapter 8

“Um, father?” I approached my father cautiously; he was always tired after church. He looked up at me from where he was sitting with my mother. “I was wondering if maybe, um Elias asked if I wanted to go and relax in Green Meadow with him and a few others. Is that alright?” I asked hoping he would say yes. After a second or two of deliberation he nodded, “but I want to speak to him before you two go off for the day.”

“Thank you,” I smiled happily and gave him a small hug, before skipping over to the corner to play with William for a bit until Elias arrived.


A knock on the door made my heart jump into my throat and I quickly leapt to my feet, hurriedly smoothing my dress. I ran to get the door but father beat me to it. I looked round my father’s body and saw Elias standing there. His hair was windswept and he had a casual smile playing on his lips. “Hello sir,” Elias said politely to my father. “Do you mind if Alicia comes out to Green meadow with me? There will be other people there.” He promised.  Father nodded, “Come inside I need to talk to you first,” he opened the door wide enough for Elias to step inside sand I shuffled backwards quickly. Elias shot me a quick smile before looking back at my father with a serious face. I was quite whilst they talked; this was not something for a woman to hear. I knew vaguely what they were talking about; it was a custom for Fathers to have a talk with their daughter’s courters before they let them out of the house. He was basically warning Elias not to get too over excited and we weren’t to go anywhere or do anything without his permission.

Finally they finished talking, and shook hands. Father nodded at me, “You may go,” I quickly said thank you and rushed out the door with Elias. Once we were a safe distance from the cottage, Elias took my hand in his, entwining our fingers. I glanced up at him and found him already looking at me; we smiled at each other and continued walking. We didn’t talk, but we didn’t need to, we were both content with each other’s company.
When we reached the meadow I found Mary was already there along with, Richard. I waved at them and Mary ran up to me, giving me a quick hug, before falling in on my free side. We walked over to Richard, and I flopped down on the grass, pulling Elias with me as he refused to let go of my hand. We talked for about an hour before we got too hot and hungry to talk anymore. I was about to ask if we should go and get some food, when Richard pulled out some bread and cheese from a bag I didn’t realize he had brought with him.  We all quickly tucked in, and Richard then passed around a canteen of water. After we had all eaten and drunk as much as we liked, we all fell back on the grass, enjoying the sun. The boys took their tunics off, within the first 10 minutes but there was nothing Mary and I could do, it was completely unacceptable for them to see any more than our face and arms. Richard and Mary fell asleep in the sun after about half an hour, so Elias and I started talking. He sat up on his elbows and looked over at me, chestnut hair shining in the sunlight. I couldn’t help but just look at him, he was finally mine, or I guess technically I was his.

He stroked a strand of hair out of my face, “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as he leaned in towards me. I thought he was going to kiss me, but at the last minute he changed his mind and kissed my cheek.  I looked down at the ground, peeking up at him through my eyelashes. “Sorry… I, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable I-” I put my fingers over his mouth, stopping him from speaking. “You didn’t,” He smiled at me, his dark eyes met mine, time seemed to stop for a second. Everything stood still, all I could think about was him.  But then Richard yawned, waking Mary, and making me and Elias laugh.

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