Blood is thicker than water

'I leant into his side, smiling to myself when i felt his arm tighten around me'

14 year old Alicia lives in a small village in the 14th century. Trying to discover herself, and the true meaning of love, family and friendship. Along with her best friend Mary and the gorgeous Elias, she faces the horrors of the black death. Will she survive? Will she have anyone left?

'Please... please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone...'


21. Chapter 21

It took 4 days for my strength to return as Elias lovingly nursed me back to health. He explained that he had gotten ill first and passed it to his father who had cared for him, he had no siblings and his mother had died in childbirth so the house now belonged to him. To us. Elias had brought my sparse belongings from the cottage to the mill and this is where I would stay from now, I would not allow myself to be parted from him again. We may both be free of the disease but the nightmare was far from over, the village lay in ruins, everyone dead or dying and the few survivors who had the funds, had fled.

Elias gently stroked my cheek, bringing me out of my thoughts as he pulled my face closer to his. I closed my eyes and sighed as his lips moved across mine, shifting in the bed to be closer to him. We were not yet wed but despite sharing a bed Elias had not broken his word, and it seemed he would not until we were married by the church. I broke the kiss reluctantly, knowing we needed to rise and prepare for the day ahead. We had met with the few survivors we could find and decided to do what we could to restore the village, it seemed that once you had the disease you could not catch it again so we were not at risk by entering the houses of the dead. Still it was not a pleasant job, and especially not one to be taken lightly. The lords manor had already been cleared and cleansed and there would be a meeting tomorrow to decide which man would take over the village. Elias was a strong contender for all his work so far in finding survivors and organising new homes for them to stay. The disease it seems has swept through the village and only a few were still in its clutches although their struggle would be over soon. Two thirds of our village has been wiped out by the undiscriminating plague, men, women and children alike.

Mary is gone... I will never see my friend again, but her father and one of her younger sisters has survived, they live in our house now, not wanting to stay in their home.

Elias rolled out of bed, breaking my chain of thought once again and smiled at me; despite the heartbreak we've gone through, we still have each other and that's all I could ask for. I pushed back the woollen blanket as I sat up, stretching out my limbs. It felt good to feel my joints pop, a reminder that I was alive and well, beating all the odds. Elias walked round to my side of the bed, pulling me to my feet he began to dance, slowly twirling me away from him and catching my waist to pull me back. "What are you doing?" I giggled softly looking up into his mahogany eyes.

"Remembering you, our first night together, the way you looked that night, so happy..." I remembered that night as well, my coming of age celebration, before everything went dark. "I have a surprise for you today my love, it will make you want to dance again I promise." His eyes twinkled mischievously as he held me right against him. "We are getting married!"

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