Blood is thicker than water

'I leant into his side, smiling to myself when i felt his arm tighten around me'

14 year old Alicia lives in a small village in the 14th century. Trying to discover herself, and the true meaning of love, family and friendship. Along with her best friend Mary and the gorgeous Elias, she faces the horrors of the black death. Will she survive? Will she have anyone left?

'Please... please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone...'


19. Chapter 19

I pulled myself up into a standing position with the window sill, fighting the exhaustion and deliriousness. I attempted a step forward but a wrenching pain in my stomach made me keel over, clutching at my sides as bile forced its way out of my mouth.

I collapsed into a limp ball, waiting anxiously for my stomach to stop heaving. Buboes had appeared on my inner thighs after the first day, making it difficult to walk. My head spun every time I tried to sit up and hallucinations of my family made it difficult to set apart dreams from reality. Dark blotches were appearing all over my skin as I bled internally, soon the blood would reach my lungs, the very thing that kept me alive, would kill me in the end. Another wave of nausea hit me and I fought back the urge to throw up, crawling across the floor to a water pot and hurriedly taking big gulps.

I just don’t understand, it’s been three days, surely I must be close to death, at this stage Mother and Father couldn’t even open their eyes, why am I different? Why am I living?
If you could even call this living, barely surviving on what’s left of the food and water, barely coping with the mind-numbing pain. Why can’t I just join them? I don’t want to be alone anymore, just let me die...
I tried once again to sit up but blackness enveloped me and I fell to the ground again.


I woke slowly, my eyes fluttering open carefully, bright light hit my face and I winced as my head throbbed. Was this it? Was I in heaven? I looked around carefully - trying not to move in case I still hurt – the cottage looked the same, but the door was open, throwing a bright shaft of light onto me. A shadow darkened the doorway, glowing in a halo of yellow light. An angel! Oh it must be heaven! I’m finally free from the curse.
“Alicia...?” It has to be an angel, his voice is divine. In fact he sounds just like... just like...
The angel stepped forward and I could see his features clearly, chestnut hair with honey coloured strands glinting in the sunlight, a fringe slightly covering a pair of deep brown eyes... a soft mouth that I knew so well, curving into a smile when his eyes met mine. “Alicia!” He cried joyously, rushing forwards.
“Elias...” I croaked, as he lifted my head gently from the floor, cradling me in his arms.

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