Blood is thicker than water

'I leant into his side, smiling to myself when i felt his arm tighten around me'

14 year old Alicia lives in a small village in the 14th century. Trying to discover herself, and the true meaning of love, family and friendship. Along with her best friend Mary and the gorgeous Elias, she faces the horrors of the black death. Will she survive? Will she have anyone left?

'Please... please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone...'


16. Chapter 16

It’s been days since I’ve seen anybody, a week since Elias went missing. Luckily nobody in our family is ill...yet. I haven’t spoken to any of my friends since mother stopped me from going out.
The only time I can leave is to fetch water and food, and only when we’re running really low on supplies. I have seen movements out by the mill, but it could have just been animals... I refuse to let myself think that... that Elias might be... dead.

Mother says I must face the fact that I’m not going to see a lot of my friends again, but... I can’t even accept that this is happening.

We’re running low on water I suspect that I will be sent out again... I don’t like going out. The streets are littered with the dead, their rotting bodies filling the air with the most horrible smell.

William has only been outside once and he was soon hurried back in. He was bored of being cooped inside and ran out of the door as I came in. He regretted it afterwards though, Father taught him a lesson, it was only to be expected. I’ve had my fair share of lashings from when I disobeyed my orders.

Our days have been reversed almost, only a few families have done this. We sleep during the day, so at night when it’s quieter it’s safer to collect firewood and water. We fell into the pattern by accident, not noticing that our days became nights. It was easier I guess, to accept the change in our schedule, than to accept the fact that our village is dying...

I put away my diary, quickly tucking it under my pillow. “Alicia, could you go and get some more water, William has a fever,” I glanced worriedly at him; he did look a bit hot. “He’ll be fine,” Mother said, spotting my expression. “It’s just the heat.” I nodded slowly and walked out of the door. The stench of death consumed me, sending delicate tentacles of despair into my brain.

I hurried to the stream, carefully avoiding the bodies that littered the streets. Nobody stopped to chat on corners anymore, nobody left their shutters open anymore. Nobody lived anymore...

I didn’t bother looking up to the mill. I didn’t want to see what I knew was there, a body outside the door...

I hurried home, only seeing one person, who squeaked at the sight of me and ran off.

I walked through the door, carefully setting down the pot. Wait where was everybody? I looked around and saw mother and father huddled in a corner, as if looking at something. A weak cough sounded and a shiver went down my spine as I took a faltering step closer. Little William lay on his bed, deathly pale but his cheeks flushed red as blood. Mother turned to look at me.

“It’s not the heat is it?” She shook her head, a gentle tear falling from her eyes.

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