Unlucky Situations

Rubi is a 14 year old girl who always gets bullied, she works in a small grocery store in the shopping centre, the school bully, Gloria, never leaves her alone. Her dream is to meet One Direction and when she was inches away from completing it Gloria comes and just takes it away from her with one click, so will Rubi get to meet One Direction? Will she get to meet her her crush, Zayn Malik? Will she get to date him? Or will her dreams just all fade away into darkness? Read on to find out.


3. Chapter 3

... Zayn.

I let out a breath.

"Sorry to scare you but can i please have your number?" Zayn asked smiling with his glistening brown eyes that were very similar to mine. Not that i was as hot as Zayn Malik.

"Umm, Sure." I say not beleiving what i just heard.

Zayn Malik was asking for MY number? OMG! OMG! OMG! Somebody pinch me am i dreaming?

As I type my number into his phone Emma squeals in excitement. I looked up and saw Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall heading our way.

"I guess we can stay a little longer" Liam says happily.

"YES! Where's the fridge in this place?" Niall exclaims

"boo bear! Come over here!" says Harry

"alright hazza" replys Louis walking to where Harry is standing
Harry wraps his arms around Louis and they hug each other

"awwww" says Emma

"so Larry Stylinson is real?" I ask surprised 

"yep, they love each other" Zayn says with a cute half smile on his face

"wow" I reply back

"you're beautiful" Zayn says cupping my face with his hand.

"awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" I hear Emma say

I smile awkwardly, I didn't know how to reply to these things, since I hadn't had any guy say that to me.

"umm, thanks, but you're smoking sexy!" I said without thinking about what I was saying.

"hhahahahhahahah, thanks" zayn says laughing

"OMG, did I just say that?" I whisper under my breath 

I look over to Harry and Louis, they were playing around and giggling. I look at Niall and Liam and they had managed to get a seat with Emma. It looked like they were having a good conversation, even though Emma was a total fan girl, fan girling.

"What's your name?" askes Louis getting up of the floor where Harry was tickling him.

"I'm Rubi, Rubi Scarlet" I manage to say

"Nice name you have there" says Harry

"Thanks" I reply smiling at him

Louis spanked Harry in the ass and Harry ran after Louis trying to get him back.

"boys! We have to go now!" Paul exclaims 

"I hope I see you soon, beautiful" Zayn says looking into my eyes.

"I hope to see you too" I reply staring back into his eyes.

They left an I went with Emma. Emma called my mum to pick us up, as I got into the car I received a text, I look at the name of the text and realize it wa Zayn.

Hey Beautiful,

I really hope to see you real soon, how about tomorrow night at seven? I'll come and pick you up.

xoxo Zayn.

Are you kidding me? THE Zayn Malik was texting ME, and not just any text, he wanted to go out on a date with me! I start texting back.


Yeah, it's okay, I'll see you then.

xx Rubi.

Emma saw my massive grin and took my phone, she red the text and looked back at me. We both squaled in excitement. 

I got home and went straight on twitter. All I wanted to do wa tell the word that THE Zayn Malik wanted to go on a date with ME.

But then I realized...

I will get more hate by people, I couldn't stand people hating on me, I hate it when people Billie me. I decided to keep it between myself and Emma. I quickly logged of twitter and turned my laptop off. I got ready for bed and went straight to sleep.


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