Unlucky Situations

Rubi is a 14 year old girl who always gets bullied, she works in a small grocery store in the shopping centre, the school bully, Gloria, never leaves her alone. Her dream is to meet One Direction and when she was inches away from completing it Gloria comes and just takes it away from her with one click, so will Rubi get to meet One Direction? Will she get to meet her her crush, Zayn Malik? Will she get to date him? Or will her dreams just all fade away into darkness? Read on to find out.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and went to open my blinds. As soon as i opened them i knew it was going to be a perfect day. I told Emma to meet me at the signings the day before. I looked at the time and i had an hour. Emma and I had decided to go there early so we wouldnt be caught up in the busy traffic. I get ready and ask my Mum to drop me there.

I got there and see Emma standig outside the building. It was filled with over thousands of Directioners. My body was buzzing with excitement.

"Bye Mum, thanks for dropping me." i said hoping out of the car.

"Bye Rubi, call me when you want me to come and pick you up." She replys

"Alright Mum." I say closing the door and making my way to a squeeling Emma.

It was a huge place, there was a white building infront of us, im guessing its where they do the signings. Excitement was flashing insdie me like fireworks. I was finally gonna meet my favorite singers! I just couldn't believe it!

Emma passed me one of the wrisbands. It was pink and it had 'One Direction Signings' on the front of it. I looked around and only saw five or six people wearuing the exact same ones. The other people were wearing a blue one. I guess the people with the blue wristbands only got to see them sing, and we were the ones who actually got to meet the boys face to face!! Another wave of excitement ran through my body.

I put my wristband on as Emma does the same. We both squeel in excitement. Then Emma's expretion changed as she looked behind me, i turn around to see Gloria heading straight at us with an evil grin on her perfect face. I realised she had one if the blue wristbands on.

Gloria came right up to my face and grabbed my wrist, She  pulled violently at it, i thought my hand was going to break off  my arm. She took the wristband off, her nails digging deeply into my skin. Before i could do anything, she kicked me straight in the stomach, then she laughs and turns around, heading the direction she came.

I look up and Emma was no where in sight. i guessed she went to get help. I slowly got myslef to stand up, it hurt so bad. i slowly walked over to a little hallway at the back of the building. Tears started pouring from my eyes. I couldn't keep my self standing up so i sat down holding my stomach. It hurt so much.

Whenever something good happens to me that bitch always ruins it. I could'nt meet the boys now... I looked at my phone and i realised i forgot to charge it. I was hurt, lost and crying my eyes out. i blinked and i couldn't take the payn anymore, i saw blackness and i fainted...


I open my eyes to see blackness. I managed to find out there was a door innfront of me. it said 'Back Stage'. I blink and look up and dow the hallway, No one in sight. I tried to move and the pain hit me like a lightning bolt. I tried to scream but that hurt more. Gloria had hit me pretty hard.

Suddenly the door infront of me opens and i see a guy, It takes me  few secounds to notice him... It was Harry Styles. Was i dreaming? I could feel the pain in my stomach and the throb in my head so i obviously wasn't.

Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn step out too.

"Omg, are you alright?" Says Harry.

Tears start forming in my eyes again.

I klook to my right to see a person running to us. For a secound i thought it was glori but then i realised it was Emma.

"Omg Than goodness i found you where..." Her words cut off as she looked at the five boys infront of me. Her eyes grew wider and she gasps puting her hand on her mouth.

"Why are you crying love?" Liam asks me.

"She got kicked in the stomach by this bitch who stole her wristband, i went to get help but when i came back she wasn't where i last saw her." Exclaims Emma.

"Does it hurt alot?" asks Zayn coming closer.

I nod still crying.

"We have to take her to the care centre!" Niall Exclaimes.

"Does it hurt to walk?" asks Louis

I tried to stand up and fell back, Zayn catched me before i did anymore damage to my already sore body.

"I'll take that as a yes." Says harry

Zayn picked me up and carried me into the building they just came out of. I looked up at Zayn and he smiled at me.

"Don't cry bebs, Everythings going to be okay." he says

In his strong hero-like arms i felt like i was flying. I stopped crying and when i looked back to where we were heading, I see a blue door with a sign saying 'care centre'.

Louis opens the door and Zayn sits me down on a chair. A nurse came runing over and asked what was going on. Emma quickly told her.

"Alright sweetie, could you please come into this room." the nurse says opening a door on the right side of the care centre waiting room.

"I'll do the honours!" Says Harry with a cheeky smile.

He carried me into the room and layed on the checkup bed. I thanked him as he leaves me, Emma and the nurse in a room that looked like a doctors office. I guess he was gonna leave to do watever One Direction were planning to do before seeing me. That was probably the last time ill see him in real life along with Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. At least i got to meet them...

The nuse pulled my shirt up so she could take a look at my stomach. Her eyes grew wide. There was a massive bruise where Gloria has kicked me.

"Does this hurt?" The nurse asks pressing my ribs.

"No." i say back.

"Alright, No broken bones" She says smiling.

I smile back weakily.

She opened the fridge and got an ice pack out. She came back to and put it gently on the bruise. It hurt,

"You might have to wait here for 10 minutes." Says the nurse.

I nodded unhappily.

The nurse exit the room leaving Me and Emma.

"OMG! ZAYN AND HARRY CARRIED YOU!" She practically screams jumping up and down.

"Omg, I know, But did that actually happen?" I ask

"Yes!" Emma exclaims

For the next 10 minutes we were fangiling about what just happened. Then the nurse came back.

"Can you try and walk?" She asks taking the ice pack off my stomach.

"I'll try." i say and stand up.

It didn't hurt as much as before so i could walk. I walked out the door to find the boys still waiting for me.

"OMG!" i heard Emma say behind me.

"Are you alright?!" They all say at the same time.

I smile and nod.

"You guys didn't have to wait you know." i say shyly.

"But why would we leave such a beautiful girl?" Harry exclaims being the flirt he is.

I blush and look down at my shoes.

"Thanks for waiting boys." i say

"We're glad your okay." Says Liam getting up.

'"Thanks to you guys i am." I reply.

"Im hungry." Says Niall standing up

"We better go before Paul goes crazy." Says Louis

"Yea we have to go too." I say happy that i got to meet them even without a wristband.

We all start to make our way out of the care centre. They band turned right as Me and Emma turned left. Suddenly i feel a really tight grip on my arm and i turn around to see...

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