Love at first sight

A girl who just broke up with her old boyfriend and see a new boy and for the first time she felt love again but the old boyfriend gets revenge on the girl but don't at all.


2. I'm so sorry

 Drea:"look I'm sorry but Chris is cheating on you"


Drea:"Chris is chea-"

Noy:"I heard what you said"


Noy:"thanks drea I knew I could count on you"

Drea:"now come on lets go waste his money"

When we sat down Chris out his arm around me

Chris:"you can have whatever you like"


Chris:"yep and I got u something"


Chris:"yep"(handing me the gift)

Noy:"a card," sounding annoyed "to a room"

Chris:"our room once we drop them off"

I looked at drea and she looked at me

Noy:"don't worry I got it"


 We order, ate, and left. We dropped them off and went to the hotel when we walk in Chris scoops me up and lay me on the bed we started kissing and it felt good as he worked his way down.

Chris:"look I know your not ready but it's time"(started kissing)

Noy:"um" while getting up "I know but-"

Chris:"c'mon babe"(still trying to kiss)

Noy:"no stop I don't want to"

When I got up I hear Chris phone ring and I pick it up and answer it and it was Fiona 


Fiona:"hey babe I missed your soft lips"

Noy:"oh really"

Fiona:"yep and I'm gonna give you the best time ever next time"

I hung up and raned out the door with my phone in my hands texting Marcy and bumped into this boy I don't even know who was followed by others

Boy:"I'm so sorry"

Noy:"no it's my fault"

Boy:"here you dropped you phone"


Boy:"anytime, but let me make it up to you I'm Craig johnson but you can call me prodigy"

Noy:"ok prodigy", saying sarcasticly "well I can't"

Prodigy:"here's my number"(putting it in my phone)

Noy:"thanks I guess"(smiling)



I called Marcy to come get me. When she comes I tell her everything

Marcy:"are you gonna call him"


Marcy:"ugh......get out my car"(laughing)

Noy:"bye marcy"

When she dropped me off I went to bath and went to bed.

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