Undead Kids

A deadly virus incapacitates the nation, turning it into a dog eat dog world. Two kids find themselves on the sharp end of the knife and are forced to band together to survive this hellish world, but their paths are forked. One seeks answers, one seeks a new start, and things must eventually come to a head if they hope to make it through together.


2. Flashback

His name is Jacob Marsh, and he’s still alive, though God knows why. It’s only been a few hours and here he is, huddled in the first floor’s janitor closet, using a broomstick as a shield. He’d played enough Resident Evil and Dead Rising to know that staying in groups in a zombie apocalypse was a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.


“All students please report to the gymnasium, all students and staff members, please report to the gymnasium. The school is on code red lockdown until further notice.”


That should’ve keyed him off that something wasn’t right. This morning, early around seven ten, the bus passed three ambulances speeding down the road to the highway. It passed two more cop cars as they picked up kids, and there was a man, distant in the foggy mist of the cold, early morning, wandering aimlessly around the last girl’s stop. The bus had to pass a gas station to get to the school, an old, ditzy kind of station that was heading for bankruptcy sometime soon. He thought it was a couple on the ground, making out or something, but as the bus got farther and farther a sense of dread worked it’s way over him.


“It’s a terrorist attack.” A middle schooler had whispered to him from across the seats. Otherwise, the rest of the bus seemed oblivious, lost in their own sleepy trance. It was a little scrawny boy with scraggly hair and wild eyes. That discounted his theory alone. “My Daddy said we pissed off the Koreans. Said they’re gonna hurt us somehow. I think this is them.”


Now, however, as he stared down the wriggling door knob in front of him, that kid was probably right. And dead. Within two hours of first seeing these signs, they came to an ugly and righteous head. The school locked all it’s doors and shut all it’s windows, rushing kid after kid into the small gymnasium. His old school, William Allen, had such a large gym. That’s all he could think about. This gym was so small, so cramped, and that one could hold well over two thousand kids. It was only when they heard screaming down the halls from the gym, by the front door, that he ran. He ran as fast as he could, past a puddle of blood and a body on the ground, straight into the closest room he could find.


So here he was, hiding in the janitor’s closet. Shaking. Waiting for that door to fly open, waiting for whoever was inside that classroom to lunge through the wood and tear off his skin and eat it, because Jacob now knew this wasn’t a damn terrorist attack. He saw the signs, the people outside, the sickness that plagued the nation the past couple weeks. News and ‘officials’, whoever they were, said it was a flu superbug that would burn itself out in a few days. When it claimed a few victims, specifically children, it gained a little bit more fame. No need to worry, they said. He knew, though. He knew what was going on now. Zombies. Infected. Whatever name they went by, they had one mission, and it was to kill you.


“Is anybody in here?” A quiet voice, hushed and panicked, whispered through the other side of the door. Jacob’s arms tightened and his grip on the broomstick was beginning to hurt. The voice belonged to a girl, and if the voice was any indication, a small one. “Please, I know this fuckin’ thing is never locked. Please let me in. I - I have a weapon! I can help you!”


Should he risk it? This might be fun, even, to survive this with a friend. A new friend. He’d be the dashing hero who gets the girl, maybe she’d even be as hot as Alice. Resident Evil was his favorite movie. Poorly trying to hide his grin, he opens the door, and the girl flies into him and then collapses to the opposite side of the closet, slamming the door shut. 


“Thank you so much.” She whispered breathlessly, pushing herself up against the shelf and adjusting her position. She looked uncomfortable, scared.


“No problem. What’s it like out there? I can’t hear anything.” Jacob tries his best to smile, talk soothingly, but she’s unresponsive to it. Her chest just keeps rising and falling with ragged breaths, sweat dripping and sliding down the sides of her pale, round face.


“What? O-Oh. Outside. T-The gym, they just busted through the doors. I got outta there quick, man, just fuckin’ ran.” She cursed a lot for a girl, which contrasted greatly against her appearance. She was short, with Shirley Temple curls that bounced on her shoulder and rested there peacefully. She had a hint of blush on, a dab of makeup, so that her blue eyes, big in their own right, were innocent and doe-like. She looked like an angel, a sweet little cherub. “What are they, man? People were sick, but it just turned into - into hell.”

He nodded wordlessly. Hell. Hell indeed.

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