for death and co comp so please favourite.

Once you have open the door, you are going down to hell.


1. The girl in the rain.

She just sat there. The rain fell hard and fast. It was cold day. It was almost too foggy to see but yet she still stayed, not moving a muscle, crying in the rain.

"Mum?" I said.

"Yes Jess."

"That girl is still there, maybe we should help."

" I'm sure her mum will come for her soon."

You've been saying that for the last couple of hours

Without another word to my mother I stepped outside into the rain.

The girl looked up. She didn't smile when she saw me. Her hair was long and black and caked in mud, Her eyes the darkest brown that you could have imagined. She looked about 10 years old. I wanted to ask this mystery girl so many questions and yet I held back. I took her hand and lead her into the house.


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