From bullying to love ♥

'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this.
'What?' I just said back.
'Woah baby, don't be so mean.'
'Just leave me in alone, asshole.'
'What did you call me?'
Before I could answer, I felt my cheeks began to burn. He had given me a slap. This asshole. Tears ran down my cheeks but Justin doesn't care of course.

Justin (19) is bullyling Brooke (18) now for two years. But one day when Ryan, his best friend, asks Brooke to eat lunch with them he realized that Brooke is the one for him and he falls for her. But Brooke, she would rather die than be his girlfriend. Can Justin change her mind?


6. Chapter 6

BUZZ! BUZZ! Uggh no school again. On one hand I was excited to go to school. Wow this was the first time I've said something like that, probably this is because  Ryan and Justin have apologized to me and actually now all is well between us. But I was also a bit scared that the boys will be so nice today, or does not even talk to me. It was 6:30 and I have only half an hour. I quickly went into the bathroom to shower. After the shower I brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair and made curls.. Today I had totally feel like curls because curls look on me  just good. Ok now that should not sound conceited but it's kind of true. After doing curls I went to my closet and decided to wear a  light jeans with a black Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt , because  it was quite warm today. I quickly put make up on. I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that I had  again taken one to two pounds. Heck, if this continues I will still anorexic. I ran downstairs and grabbed a bowl and filled it with corn flakes and milk. I just have to eat something! My parents were home.  Are they  ever coming  home? There was a note on the table. Oh no, I bet they are  for a few days away. I stood up  to take the paper and it read, "Hey sweety. Your father and I are for 2 weeks in the Maldives. Business, you know.  love you. . PsYour friends can sleep here if you feel alone." WHAT? For two whole weeks? Especially what friends? I don't have any friends,  so no one could sleep here.  all alone again for two weeks. Well, you can not change anything. I quickly ate my breakfast and put the bowl in the sink.  I slipped in  my black Chucks, took my bag and drove to school. In school I had arrived 15 minutes before the class began. I went to my locker to get the books that I needed for class.
'Hey Brooke' I turned around and saw Justin. Actually, I was glad that he was so nice but I still did not like him. He does not seriously think I'm going to start a friendship with him. ' Ehm Hi' I replied curtly. ' Everything ok with you?'  ' Yeah all the best. What should it be?'  I asked him. 'Oh I do not know ' I just smiled at him, hoping that he would disappear, but no, he was still there. But  he just stared at me in shock. 'Justin? Hello? What's going on?'  ' What .. what's that? ' he stuttered, pointing at my wrists. Ugh fuck. I've quite forgotten, oh no no no. Why am I so stupid and wear a t-shirt? No one should know this that i cut myself. 'Ehm.. this is nothing' 'Brooke. He literally sreamed already, 'that  should be nothing?'. I just did not know what to say and I could already feel the tears rose high. 'Brooke answer me. What's this? ' I did not answer, I just ran away. I just wanted to get away from him. I didn't want that  someone knows it. Why am I just stupid? I ran onto the girls' bathroom and locked myself in a cubicle. I sat for a long time just  there and cried like yesterday until someone knocked on the cabin door. ' It is busy you do not see it? All others are still free ' I sniffled. ' Brooke  please open'  it was Justin. What is he doing here? 'Brooke come on. Please open now!  I didn't wanted to open so  I did not. Justin also did not go away, as he pounded on the door and told me to open. Ugh it sucks. Slowly, with tears in my eyes, I got up and opened the door. Justin was surprised when I did that, but immediately took me in his arms. He said nothing more, but just hugged me  and stroked my hair. I had never seen him so sweet   not even if he had a girlfriend. Actually, I thought it was pretty cute. 'Brooke now tell me what happened? '  somehow  I had the feeling that I could trust him. ' ok Justin, but not here yes? We go to my house?' ' You want to skip school? So for me this is normal but what about you?' ' My parents are not at home, they are two weeks away, but that's no problem because I'm always alone, come on now' We went  out to the school parking lot and went to my car. ' Justin, can you please drive? I'm not in the mood  to drive' ' I? I .. I will take your Ferrari? ' he asked in astonishment. I just had to smile, oh man he really got me to smile. ' Yes, Justin here'  I gave him the car keys and we got into the car. The whole ride  we talked not one word. Justin knows now where I lived, so I did not have to explain to him the way. When we arrived at my home, we went into the living room and sat on the opposite of the couch.  ' So ..' I started ' Like you've seen there is the scar from a razor  and yeah .. ' ' And how did the get there?'  'Justin let me finish and explain it to you ' ' Ok I hear ' I told him everything. The accident of my brother, as I have cried myself to sleep every night, as I have stopped eating as I started to cut myself and how I was bullied and the whole cut -thing  was going more  worse. In between I had to make a break because I just could not talk because I was crying too much. 'Oh Brooke, I'm so sorry. Come here'  Justin spread his arms and I came up to him. He closed his arms and somehow I felt so safe in them. I cried again and I thought it was supposed to not stop too, so Justin held me tighter in his arms and stroked my hair. After some time he took my chin in his thumb and forefinger, so I looked at him. He wiped away my tears and said ' I'm so sorry for everything. Had I known that. I would never have gone so far. I'm such an idiot. ' I felt that my lips formed a little smile. You could really see how sorry he was. 'Brooke I bet you'll never forgive me and I understand it sooo much if you do not forgive me.' After he said this, he took my wrist. I winced because it hurt a bit. ' I'm sorry' Justin said. Suddenly he gave a kiss at  every scar. He kissed each individual scar and by the wounds were not yet healed, he was very careful. It was really sweet of him. I sat in front of him as he did , watching him. Then he said something that I never dreamed of his mouth only to hear ' I will not let it happen that  you're doing it again. I will not let anyone hurt youÄ  I smiled at him briefly. ' Justin could you  stay the night here?' Shit, I was just asking seriously iif he would like to sleep here. ' Brooke , are you sure?' NoI'm  not. 'Yes, please'  I'm so stupid. I wanted never to start a friendship with him but  now he would  sleep here. Agh I'm such an idiot. 'Ok, if you like that, but we have school tomorrow' 'I do not want to go to school, so I will not go.'  ' If you do not go, I'm not going too' Justin smiled at me with his stunning smile. ' Are you hungry'  ' Yes I am so hungry like a bear'  I started to laugh so I wanted to order us a pizza. ' What do you want?' 'I do not care' 'so yeaah salami'  'Ok.'  After ordering the pizza, we sat on the couch and watched a little television. ' I'm sorry ' Justin said suddenly. ' Huh? Justin what are you talking about?' 'Because of me you have these scars and I'm terribly sorry' ' Justin, how often do you still want to apologize for?' ' So  often until I can forgive myself, what may never happen'  'Justin it's o-'  I was interrupted by the ringing of the door. 'It's definitely the pizza guy. I'll be back Justin'  I quickly ran with money to door and waited for a man who would give me a pizza  but instead of  the pizza guy I saw someone else there. I could not believe my eyes.  'Ryan, what are you doing here?'

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