From bullying to love ♥

'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this.
'What?' I just said back.
'Woah baby, don't be so mean.'
'Just leave me in alone, asshole.'
'What did you call me?'
Before I could answer, I felt my cheeks began to burn. He had given me a slap. This asshole. Tears ran down my cheeks but Justin doesn't care of course.

Justin (19) is bullyling Brooke (18) now for two years. But one day when Ryan, his best friend, asks Brooke to eat lunch with them he realized that Brooke is the one for him and he falls for her. But Brooke, she would rather die than be his girlfriend. Can Justin change her mind?


5. Chapter 5

, Yes um hi 'Justin said, scratching his neck. I wanted to close the door again immediately but Justin had put his foot between the door and the door frame. 'What do you want here? 'I hissed at him, and how do you know  where I live?'
, Um yeah so I followed you after school, because I wanted to know where you live 'he said, blushing. Haha oh my god Justin Bieber stands outside my door and turns red and is embarrassed. That must be a bad joke. ,So  what you want?'  'Did you cry?' He asked, interupping  me.
,Why are you  caring? Now please go ! ', I tried to push him out the door but he was too strong. Man, why must he go training? , I'm going nowhere until you heard what I have to tell you. I want to tell you something important . Can I come in? 'Should I let him in? , Yes ok come  in' Yes I'm crazy, that I let him in, but our neighbors are home. They  would then hear my screams when something happens. Justin pulled me from my thoughts, 'Wow,' he said, and wondered, do you live here then? 'It looks so. You want a drink? 'No thanks, I just want you  to sit down and listen to me' is now determined as "Yes do my homework then I'll leave you one day alone". I sat across from him on the couch and waited. , So? 'I asked and he took a deep breath . ,  Brooke, it is.. . I'm sorry, 'WHAT?', Brooke Yes you heard me correctly. When you went into the classroom, Ryan talked to us about you. Then I realized what I really  done and I'm very sorry. You know, my parents have always compared myself with you because they know you and  they  always wanted that I'm  great and good in school.. like you. That made me mad and so all began. You are really a great girl. I know you'll never forget what I've done and I understand it even if you do not forgive me, but I wanted to make sure that you know that I'm sorry and I'll never do it again, 'Oh gosh, had fucking Justin Bieber just apologized to me? This can never be true? I sat there in shock for a long time. Brooke? Say something 'Justin said desperately.
, I .. I am. Um, I need to think about it', Ok. I understand, but tell me Brooke . Did you cry? 'He said sadly. He probably thought I was crying because of him. Oh no, I'm not crying because of him. Because of him, I cut  me, but that he must not know. , No I have not'  I said. Oh my God, I'm such a bad liar he won't  believe me anyway. Brooke, if it's because of me  then I swear to God I'm dinfinitely sorry . I hate it when girls cry and I'm  the reason, I interrupted him, No Justin, it's not because of you. But  it would be the best if you're now  going, 'But Broo-' , Justin just go. I'll bring you to the door.' Justin stood up and walked to the door, I followed him quietly. I'll see you tomorrow right? ', Maybe' ok, and don't cry anymore. Beautiful girls should not cry, 'he said and pulled me into a hug. Oh god Justin hugged me and said I'm beautiful. . Ryan must have really talked extensively with him. , Ok Justin bye 'I smiled at him slightly and he smiled back. He went to his car and I waited at the door until he drove away. When he was gone, I went into the living room and  looked a little TV. Just scrap on TV. After what felt like two hours I went to bed. My parents were still not there and I do not expect that they come in a few hours. Probably my mother has a now  photo shoot or so and my dad, oh I do not really care. My life right now is pretty good, I'm not bullied anymore when Ryan and Justin mean  their excuses seriously. I decided to sleep  in James's room because I felt a bit closer to him. I went to bed and  thinking a bit about everything that happened today- Slowly I realized that my eyes fall I  made the  light out and darkness took over me.

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