From bullying to love ♥

'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this.
'What?' I just said back.
'Woah baby, don't be so mean.'
'Just leave me in alone, asshole.'
'What did you call me?'
Before I could answer, I felt my cheeks began to burn. He had given me a slap. This asshole. Tears ran down my cheeks but Justin doesn't care of course.

Justin (19) is bullyling Brooke (18) now for two years. But one day when Ryan, his best friend, asks Brooke to eat lunch with them he realized that Brooke is the one for him and he falls for her. But Brooke, she would rather die than be his girlfriend. Can Justin change her mind?


4. Chapter 4

Was Justin  serious,that I meet him after school? Likely to beat me again or something similar. I'll just not go there. I tried to pay attention on the lesson and this time it even worked.
Finally school is out. Home then do homework and relax, of course alone. I walked out of the school building and saw Justin was leaning against his car, then I remembered that he wanted me to come to his car. I had decided not to go. I mean who would meet after school one who has bullied you a year? Nobody! I quickly walked to my car, so Justin doesn't sees me.
'Brooke!' Fuck. Justin had seen me. I just decided to move on, I have no desire to listen to his voice now.
'Brooke! Stay!! ' Justin called me. Suddenly I felt something on my wrist. I winced, because of the cuts . Justin held me, I turned around and he was standing right in front of me. 'What?' I hissed at him.
'Shouldn't you come  to my car after school?' he asked me.
'I should? Eh ok? But  I've decided not to go and if you'll excuse me I want to go home'
'Can I drive  you at least  home?' WHAT? What's going on today with everyone? First  Ryan and now Justin wants to drive me home?
'What is going on here? Just let me alone '
'But I want you to drive  home otherwise you need to walk'
'Why are you caring and you see this car there?' I pointed to my Ferrari 'Well, with this car I'll drive  home now. Because it's mine. Bye 'Justin swallowed hard and stared. I just walked away because I just hadn't  more nerve to talk to him. I took my car keys out  and went  to my car, got in and drove home. Once at home I threw my bag on the floor, took my shoes off  and walked into the living room. 'I'm back!' Silence. Perfect, my parents are not there again. I was not hungry so I went upstairs. I wanted just go to my room when I saw the door of James room. I had to swallow, but decided to go inside. His room still looked like before the accident. My parents didn't change anything. I looked at all the pictures hanging on the walls. On one picture were James and me. We were on holiday in Majorca and he carried me like a bride into the water and my mom had taken the photo. Oh James, I miss you so much. I could feel my tears ran down my cheeks. I lay down in his bed and it smelled so much like him. I loved his   scent and  still do. Half an hour I layed there and  just cried. I could have hours lying in bed and cry but unfortunately the doorbell rang. If there is this little Girl Scouts are selling cookies again I freak out. The doorbell rang again. 'I'm coming' i said- . After I reached the bottom I opened the door. 'We don't want any  coo- Justin?' 

AN: Sorry for the long wait. I'm updating in two hours or maybe a little earlier. I hope you guys like this chapter :) And thanks for reading!! <3

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