From bullying to love ♥

'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this.
'What?' I just said back.
'Woah baby, don't be so mean.'
'Just leave me in alone, asshole.'
'What did you call me?'
Before I could answer, I felt my cheeks began to burn. He had given me a slap. This asshole. Tears ran down my cheeks but Justin doesn't care of course.

Justin (19) is bullyling Brooke (18) now for two years. But one day when Ryan, his best friend, asks Brooke to eat lunch with them he realized that Brooke is the one for him and he falls for her. But Brooke, she would rather die than be his girlfriend. Can Justin change her mind?


3. Chapter 3

Oh no they are going directly here. Ryan didn't seem to bother. Well ok, they're his best friends, but me? Yes, it was bothering me, very much! I had no desire to listen to their stupid comments.
' Aye Ryan, what's up? Why were you not in class?' Chaz shouted to Ryan. Somehow I felt like  the fifth wheel on the wagon.
' Hey Bro. Oh  I had something to do'  he looked at me. Justin and Chaz were now  for a minute here and , I can not see the two anymore. Suddenly the school bell rang. Oh thank God! This time I can not be stopped, then I must also learn something.
'Ryan,   I'll go to class. See you ' I said quickly and quietly and I just went off, so I hadn't  to listen to any comments of Justin and Chaz.
'Yes, see you!'  Ryan shouted. 
Great, now I had two hours of history with Mrs. Anderson. Themost  worst teacher in the world. I quickly went into the classroom and sat down on my seat at the front. Mrs. Anderson came in and began to tell something about the WW2. Actually I wanted to pay attention, but it did not work. My thoughts were by Ryan and why he is suddenly so nice. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and  three guys I know only to well  came in.
'Why are you  10 minutes late?! 'Mrs. Anderson asked very  loudly , in my opinion.
' We ehm .. we .. we were in the bath'Justin stuttered.
'To third?' 

'Yes to third. You know we need to be fresh for the ladies here # Chaz replied. Oh God, Can it be more stupid? He thinks he can  have every girl what  I absolutely do not understand. But when I look at Justin. He's actually really handsome and his eyes. Wow. This eye-wait what? What am I thinking? Oh no I Hate Justin I can not find his eyes wonderful, those beautiful hazel eyes. Oh my God, Brooke stop to think that.
'Ryan I want you to please sit with Kelsey and Chaaz you please sit with Mikayla and Justin eehm you sit down please .. '
Don't say  Brooke. Don't say  Brooke. Please don't say Brooke.
'nex to Broke!'
' WHAT?' I screamed and Justin just winked at me.
'I hope this is not a problem, or do you want to go to the director, Brooke?'
' No, no, everything is perfect '
Can someone please shoot me! Justin sat next to me and wrote something on a piece of paper. I ignored him but  he nudged me and gave me a little note. Real Justin now? Will he now write insults on a note and give me them? opened the note and I was shocked that there don't stood something bad. 
Justin: Hey
Should I write him back? Should I just write hi? But I hate him I  can not write back. stared probably very long at the piece of paper because Justin nudged  and then pointed to a pen and the paper. Shit, how stupid I must have looked. Well then I wrote him back.
Brooke: What do you want?
When I gave him the note and he read it he laughed softly. Please what is so funny? I'm never going to understand guys, especially never  him. He gave me back the note. I sighed softly, but loud enough so  that Justin would hear it. He looked at me and rolled his eyes but smiled slightly. Please why is he  so nice to me and somehow happy? I opened the paper and couldn't  believe what stood there. 
Justin: Meet me after school by my car, lovely. 

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