From bullying to love ♥

'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this.
'What?' I just said back.
'Woah baby, don't be so mean.'
'Just leave me in alone, asshole.'
'What did you call me?'
Before I could answer, I felt my cheeks began to burn. He had given me a slap. This asshole. Tears ran down my cheeks but Justin doesn't care of course.

Justin (19) is bullyling Brooke (18) now for two years. But one day when Ryan, his best friend, asks Brooke to eat lunch with them he realized that Brooke is the one for him and he falls for her. But Brooke, she would rather die than be his girlfriend. Can Justin change her mind?


2. Chapter 2

Shit, shit and shit again. Normally, I would have  said no, but in his eyes you could see he was honestly and I think I lost myself in his eyes and  -
'Brooke? Hello? 'Ryan had interrupted my thoughts.
'Oh, yeah uh, so to be honest. I don't know. '
'Oh come on Brooke it will be nice'
He had not seriously said, it will be nice? What's wrong with him? bully me for a year and then just  asks me if  I want to eat lunch with him and then he says it would be definitely nice! Something must not be right here.
'I don't think so. Thank you for your invitation, but no '
'Brooke, why not? He was not  serious right?
'Ryan alias  one of the guys who made ​​my life to hell, are you serious? You, Justin and Chaz have bullied  me a whole year  And you know what? Do you see all these scars on my wirsts? Well they are of a razor and you know how they got there? By me. I have cut  myself and because of you. You have no idea what I was  everything through and then you came with your shit. Because of  YOU I cut  myself. And you see this bandage, which is full of blood? You want to know when this happened? half an hour ago! Your great friend Justin came to me and i bet  he told you  the rest and you and Chaz were just laughing'
Ok, that was only half the truth, actually I started to cut me when James died, then it came to all these bully thing  and so it became more and more violent. 
'Brooke, i didn't kne-''
'Save it Ryan. I need to go class'
Just as I said that, the school bell rang. Seriously? I just missed two lessons. Oh shit if my parents find out about that. 
Then  Ryan began to speak again 'Apparently you have not to go class' When he said that he winked and ugh can't anyone shoot him? Ryan just wanted to say something, but I just went. Finally, now was break and we could get something to eat for lunch. I went to the cafeteria and got me something to eat after I sat down at an empty table and ate my sandwich. As always, no one would sit with me, because everyone wants to have nothing to do with me. They all think I was the girl that wants attention and they don't want to get bullied too  by Justin and his friends. I thought about everything that had just happened. I totally yelled at Ryan. Well I could not believe it, it's just came out. Actually, I was a little proud of myself. I mean i yelled at Ryan the Ryan. I began to smile  because I found it just fine. Suddenly I was snapped out of my thoughts as a person sat next to  me. I could not believe it. Someone sits down next to me. But when I saw that it was Ryan, I could puke. I stood with my tray of food on to go away, but Ryan held me right where I had recently cut myself on the wrist.

'OW!' i sreamed and my food fell on the ground.  Great, now all are looking again.  I wanted to just throw away the food that landed on the ground as Ryan said something.
'Oh fuck it, there are cleaners, Brooke. Sit down rather down. I HAVE to talk to you. '
'What Ryan? We have  talked enough already! '
'No! So Brooke, I am really sory  Had I known that you cut yourself. I would never have gone that far. I do not even understand why I bullie-
'because you wanted to be  popular .. but keep talking '
'Yeah, well I wish I could turn back the time and everything would never happen, but I know it does not work and I know that the alle the memories, the scars and the pain will not go away, but we can make a new start.'
Ryan Butler was really asking if we can start all over again? Omg I just dreaming right? I bet  a guy comes and says, "Ha, you're on TV and just wast fully ripped" But unfortunately there was none.
'So I'm Ryan and who are you?'
I just had to smile. I would have never imagined that happens. He said it all so honest. And I believed him anyway.
'I am Brooke' I replied. Yes think I'm crazy and yes I'm making a new start with someone who has make  my life a living hell, but he looked so honest. I will never forget  what his friends and he did to me, but a new start is all right.
Ryan was about to say something when Justin and Chaz stormed into the cafeteria. Hopefully they do not see us please. Oh Lord please. Shit they walk straight to us. 

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