I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





"Stop following me you asshole..just leave me alone."I said to him. He said," Haha...You think I will leave you?...you're shitty mom and dad left you on me...Its upto me...Whether...I use you for work or sex...don't you dare go." "But I have people who love me and care about me...Niall...Zayn..Liam..Lou..and Harry.. Niall is my life...I can't do this..leave me or I will call them" He said," HAHA...You're such a whore...Niall will use you and throw you...You had sex with me so many times...god...knows..who will want a slut who fucks her brother...I'll tell everyone and then...they won't want you.." I started crying then said,"Niall loves me and he will want me every second of his life...I know he will never leave me." He said with with a smirk," Even famous boybands don't want sluts like you..just go and kill yourself you bitch...bloody slut....god knows how many times I have licked your pussy...Good gracious me you're still a virgin...Niall will kick you out of his house..YOU'RE A WHORE!"I saw Niall making faces at me and asking me to leave.. The words...kept roaming in my mind...round and round...they killed me....I was wondering...If he left me because of Percy...was I a Whore..a slut?...I am...so bad...and I screamed as loudly I could!!!" AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I suddenly came from the darkness to a light area...I could feel hands catching me...I was dripping in sweat...What was going on? Had Niall kicked me out?..were people touching me...had I become a prostitute...I slowly...flickered my eyelids..open...The first face I saw was Niall's. He was rubbing my forehead...and patting me...I immediately hugged him...I cried and cried..for three hours..for ages...Niall didn't move...he kept my head buried in his chest...he rubbed my hair and comforted me...



I knew Angela had a nightmare...she dreamt of Percy...I was so scared...the docs had asked me to keep her happy. I didn't want to break her down again. She had to be strong and she was mine. I would always be with her. I lifted her up bridal style and took her to the last seat of the private jet. I motioned the boys to go ahead and do something. I made her sit and made her drink water. I rubbed her back and wiped the tears out of her beautiful face. I said," What happened Angela..tell me." Angela shed a tear and said,"P--pp-perccyy..."and she cried again. I hugged her and said," What about him..tell me babe." She turned towards me. Her eyes were red and swelled from crying. She held my hand and said," You won't leave me right?" I was shocked by that....why will I leave her...I loved her..She said,"Percy..c-c-alled m-me a w-w-whore and a s-slut..h-he said..t-t-that you wil k-kick me o-o-ut a-and leave me.." She burst into tears again. I hugged her and said," Angel...I wanna tell you one thing..look at me." I pushed her chin and locked her eyes with mine and said," The first time I saw you...I wanted you to be mine..Now that we're together..I will never ever ever leave you. Baby..that was a nightmare..and I love you more than my own life..You mean the world to me..please don't cry..We're going to USA..its a new day and a new start..foregt about it..You know we're one and I know it..and no one can judge us..okay?" She smiled a little and nodded...I kissed her on the lips and said," You're mine and mine only" She smiled and we went ahead..Thank gosh! I didn't want to spoil the day and her mood.She was so excited. Now I know she'll be fine. I could see her hands and body still shivering. I was gonna surprise her in USA..I know she will love it.



*Guys I have physics exams tomorrow..sorry its short..but the surprise is gonna be huuge..and I have made a change. I will make Angela meet her sister whom she had never met and she will be Harry's girlfriend maybe..so I have 2 more days to write that chapter. Send in your entries. See the requirements from the last chapter and please like this movella.and feel free to express your views and give me ideas...I want more people to read it. If no entries come then I will make Aimee Horan my character. Thanks lovelies..muah..xx 

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