I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)




I woke up in the morning in my Niall's arms. He was fast asleep...his chest rising and falling..his eyes flickering...he was an international popstar and he loved me so much....I was really lucky to have him...and Harry who was my best buddy...I couldn't imagine a life without these two idiots...I got up and went for bath...I remembered..I was gonna meet Aimee today! I was happy...I took out a tight blue jeans and a red top with roses on it..I sprayed some perfume...applied my usual makeup and I was done...Ready for my day...I went to the kitchen..I saw a sexy Zayn munching on some chips and watching Telly in the hall...I slowly went behind him...I tapped his shoulder and squatted down...He turned to see no one...I did that again...he started laughing and suddenly Zayn appeared from the sofa like"BWWWAHHHH" He fell on me and I pushed him...after having a cat fight...I asked him to help me make some breakfast. I told him to make some orange juice while I fried eggs. The yummy smell of eggs filled the house and in a matter of minutes all the boys were on the table banging the plates...I served eggs to all and sat down with mine. Niall gobbled two and smiled. I laughed and asked them to have bath coz they had to leave for soundcheck and all. They ran to the rooms. I followed Niall as I had to clean myself up. Zayn had messed my clothes...I went to the bathroom and washed my tshirt...I put on a white knee length dress which had red roses on it. I put my makeup and a little gloss. I let my hair in a messy bun and my precious bracelet that Harry had given me in my hand. I was ready.I felt some soft lips kissing me on my neck. "Please stop looking so beautiful...You'll kill me one day!" I smiled and put on some perfume. I snuggled Niall and said," Stop being so lovable or I'll cut off your cheeks and keep kissing them all day!" He chuckled and had his bath while I wore some jewelry. Everyone was soon ready. We all sat in the range rover and were soon at the venue. I was excited and happy for all of them. I sat on the benches as the boys rehearsed. Niall literally sang to me. I couldn't get my eyes off him. We all had lunch and went to meet fans outside. I remained inside as Niall had told me to. I fiddled with Harry's phone. I saw:" ONE NEW MESSAGE FROM AIMEE" Harry wasn't there so I opened it and it read," I hope she likes me. I can't wait to meet Angela. How are you? Love you so much..x" I smiled and closed the message. I was happy for Harry. The boys came back in. Liam's shirt was torn and Harry had kiss marks all over his face. Zayn had scrambled hair. Niall had a huuge grin on his face and Lou was laughing with one of his suspender straps tearing up. It was time for the concert. I sat backstage..listening to them. Niall was singing his part in," More than this" I was tearing up. I wiped my tears and suddenly heard Niall say," I wanna introduce you all to my special someone..she is lovely an beautiful...she means the world to me..Angela please come!" I made a shocked face but Niall pulled me onto the stage. I waved to the crowd. Fans cheered and smiled. Then Niall said," I want to sing Little Things with her by me" I smiled. They started...then came Niall's part. He held my hand and close danced with me while singing on the microphone. "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you...you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to..if I let you knoww...I'm here for you..maybe you'll love yourself like I love you...ohh" and he kissed me. Sparks flew..I pulled away. He finished the song and said," Thankyouu USA!" have a good good night!" I was gonna meet Aimee now! "Thanks" I whispered in Niall's ear. He said," I meant every single world which I sang for you on stage." I smiled and went back stage. Harry was red. I asked," Boo...why are your cheeks becoming red?" Harry said," Aimee is coming here any minute." I smiled and waited patiently. I suddenly saw a figure coming close. She called out," Harry...where are you?" Harry ran to her and got her in by the hand," Guys..this is Aimee...Aimee..thats..Niall, Liam, Lou, Zayn...you know me...and thats Angela...you e were so excited to meet.I smiled and hugged her, She said," Nice to meet you Angela!" I smiled and said," Mee too!" Harry had a looovely choice. Aimee was really gorgeous. She stood there hand in hand with Harry..her beautiful green-blue eyes lighting up whenever Harry smiled,her dirty blonde hair rested perfectly on her shoulders and her perfect stature. I winked at Harry and Harry blushed scarlet.I don't know why...I felt that I knew Aimee...I had seen her somehwere..or maybe we were related somehow. I needed to talk to her more...Maybe we were connected. Well..I kept that aside and joined in the celebration. We had a fun party. I then pulled Aimee to the side and asked her," Aimee..have you come to London before?" She replied," Yes once..my aunt lived there. I had a sister too...her name was Angela too..My aunt died long back and she had a son called Percy with her second husband,I have no contact since then. I asked," What was your aunt's name?" Aimee smiled and said," Amanda ." Noo this was not happening...."Aimee...was the address... 47 West street, Birmingham, London?" Aimee widened her eyes and said," Oh god yes...! How do you know?" I shed a tear and said," Coz I'M Angela...son of Amanda and I live..rather lived there.." Aimee hugged me," Oh Angela!" and I cried. She was my sister...


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