I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)


11. THE GIFT..



Angela had just come down from the bedroom. She was looking so beautiful. She was in a yellow sunny dress..her hair was wet...She suddenly lit up like thousand candles on seeing me. She gave me her perfect smile and hugged me. I said," Morning beautiful." I kissed her on the lips..and we were on until I heard Zayn clearing his throat. Zayn said," Niall...I know you've recovered...don't be soo happy..." I laughed and Angela went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I saw here making pancakes..yum...I loved the way she made everything with love and joy. She didn't regard the five of us as friends and do stuff for us...she did stuff for us like we are her family...She was like a mom to us..she scolded us..when we were ill she took care of us...made food for us...she was much more to me..and we were meant to be together..however...Harry was her best buddy in the house..she'd share stuff with me but she was really attached to Harry..I didn't take it as a wrong signal..I trusted her and knew she will never do anything to hurt me...I really loved this girl..She was going back to the room...maybe something she needed..I was busy in Fifa 13



I came out of the bathroom in a towel because Angela had gone down...I just came out with a bang and pushed someone on the bed and fell on top of that person...OUCH...why was he/she standing here...sick! I took the curls off my face and found myself face to face with Angela. I had pushed her...Oh god...she was changing...she had chocolate on her whole torso. She said," I was making pancakes...U was adding syrup and it fell on me...and now you fell on me!" I laughed and let out a small moan as she slid her hands on my chest..her soft hands. I bent and kissed her....on her soft lips..she kissed me back..I know it was wrong...but it felt so perfect. I went down and licked the chocolate off her stomach as she moaned. She suddenly shot a look at me and I got up. "Sorry...but you're so irresistible"..I smirked. She went and took out another dress to wear. "Turn around" she said. I did as she said and looked at the wall. She zipped down her dress and I heard it fall to the floor. She unclipped her bra and started wearing another one. I wanted to turn and see...suddenly Angela said," Harry...could you help me?" I said," Sure...what do I do?" She said," Just put the hooks of my bra please?" I smiled and went to her and hooked her bra and helped her up in he dress. She kissed me on the cheek and said," Thanks best buddy" I loved this girl. I don't know how would I pretend to be her buddy...but for her happiness...I had to..I hugged her and then she said," My ribs are breaking" I punched her in the stomach and let her go. She said," Wear some clothes...I can't resist taking that towel off you..." I laughed and said," Ok...I'll remove it.." She caught my hand and said,"Leave it...you're not that hot.." as she stuck her tongue out at me. She went out if the room and I wore some clothes...Her laugh was ringing in my ears...She was perfect. I suddenly remembered what I had got for her. I ran downstairs and went to her. I whispered in her ear," I got something for you...can you come in the balcony?" She nodded and I went to the balcony. She shouted," The pancakes are almost done...be ready for breakfast.." She came in the balcony and said," Yes..what is it Harry...what have you got..?" with a very eager look on her face. I took out the box from my pocket and sat on my knee. I asked for her hand. She blushed and gave her left hand to me. I took it out of the box and pushed it on her wrist. It fitted perfectly. It looked beautiful...I could see a tear dropping from her eye.


It was beautiful. My brother was an asshole. H e always used me...It was Niall who had given me a gift before...so special..and today Harry was the person who had touched my heart. The bracelet was made of pure silver. It had two hearts on it which were highlighted. The band was twisted...and fitted perfectly. It was inscribed on the hearts:" I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU...NO MATTER WHAT.." and on the side it was written" TO MY BEST BUDDY" I smiled and hugged him. "Thank you so much..you made me feel so special...best buddy" Harry hugged me harder and said," You're special to me.." I smiled and went to Niall..I didn't understand Harry's words"You're special to me" Was he still in love with me? We were best buddies right?..Well whatever..I loved Niall and that was all.. I showed Niall the bracelet. He smiled and said," Harry has a lovely choice...its so beautiful...but not as beautiful as you are." We kissed and then stopped because Zayn, Liam and Louis were banging the table," Mommy!! We want breakfast"...I smiled and said,"Yes babies..I am getting it" I served the pancakes to them with a kiss on the cheek. Harry came and also took for himself. I sat next to Niall. He held my hand below the table..I felt so safe and secure. I could see smiles on the boys' faces. I suddenly remembered...tomorrow we were leaving for USA..I smiled too and made some plans in my head..




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