I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





As happy I was for Harry finding such a beautiful and lovely girl like Aimee...I was happier for myself on finding the only relative I had in this world...Aimee...I hugged her and cried to my heart' content. I told her about Percy...how he had made my life shit...how I had tried to commit suicide and destiony had made me meet the most beautiful and lovely person in the world: Niall Horan. Aimee was so happy for me. I hugged her and said," I'm glad you're with Harry...that boy has something..he's too emotional...he is my bestest buddy..and please keep him safe..never ever let him go..He's my boo" She wasn't jealous..she smiled and caught my hand and said," I know Angela..Harry has told me everything about you and I know how much and what he means to you...relax..he is mine now...and I love him more than my life..I don't know if he accepts me though." I grinned and said," He is mad about you...all he talks in the day is you...all he sees is you..all he breathes is you...he loves you the most in this world..Aimee...I'm so glad you met Harry..and we met..I met the only relative I had in this world...thanks Aimee..whenever you want to talk..just call e. I'm always there sis." Aimee smiled and said," Sure sis...Anytime...I'm also there...just a call away!" We went out to tell the boys that we were long lost sisters...and all..Harry was tearing up..he hugged me and said," I am so happy for you Angela..having a sister is amazing..congrats babe." I smiled and Niall was waiting there for me. He hugged me and said," Harry has always be so luck...today he made my girl lucky...thanks bro!" Harry winked a him. We were planning for dinner..Amidst all my stomach rumbled..I grinned and pointed towards my open mouth and said," I need some food.." Niall patted my tummy,..which sent shivers down my spine and said," Dinner i coming soon!" I smiled and held his hand and we all went to a nearby restaurant called," Grandma's kitchen" I chuckled at the name. We all sat at the hugest table in the corner of the room. Niall held my hand from below and Harry was always playing with Aimee's beautiful hair. We ordered some food..I literally gulped down all I could....I WAS HUNGRY!...Niall was chuckling at me..I giggled and wiped my face. "Like boyfriend-like girlfriend huh?" Harry said smiling. I went a bit red and then grinned. I was really tired and so was Niall. Aimee had the gleam of love in her eyes for Harry...I was so happy for Harry. I signaled Harry to come outside to talk for a second. He nodded and he came. I held his hand and said," Aimee loves you madly...Promise me you will never leave her...always keep her happy..and be with her no matter what." Harry smiled and said," Yes I will boo..She is my responsibility now...but whats happening with you and Niall?" I gave a confused look, "What?...we're okay!" Harry smiled and said," You know what I mean...you guys haven't done it yet...its been a long time..I think you're quite ready to do it...he never forced you but..I think you and him have this point in your lie...you should do it...ti will signify all the more that you two are meant for each other.." I nodded and said," I'll do it in a more special way Hary...I'll make it the best night of his life..ever" Harry smirked. We went in and at the table he said," Don't be to hard okay! " with a mischievous smile. I went red and so did Niall. I slapped him and he started laughing . Aimee helped and changed the topic to ice-cream. I thanked her mentally...I was waiting for tomorow night..I'm gonna me Niall feel like heaven...We both love each other...He's mine and mine only...I'll never let him feel alone or sad..He's my Niall...x


*guys 'm so so so so sorry....my laptop broke and I couldn't update..I'm so sorry guys..I hope you like this chapter and Aimee I hope you're liking it:)"

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