I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





I was thrilled...WE WERE GOING TO USA!!..Percy...never let me go to my friend's house let alone USA...I was so happy..and so delighted...Niall was doing so much for me..That boy was a gem...I then finished packing my bags...I kept all my necessary things and loads of clothes. I was going out for the first time....with my love...3 friends..their girlfriends...and a bestest buddy:) I was glad that Harry was normal...I couldn't help smiling when I thought about that night. He was my best buddy...and will always be...Niall meant the world to me...I will never cheat on him. I was feeling dusty...I decided on taking a shower...I stepped into the white tiled bathroom and stripped naked...I then let the warm water fall on me. It washed off all my worries...I felt like heaven...I wanted to stay like this...but there was a knock which interrupted my thoughts...it was Harry..He said," Angela...I need to pee badly...Can I come in?...Cover yourself.." I could hear the urge in his voice. I took the curtain and pulled it to cover the shower cubicle and said," You can come Haz." The door opened. Harry had seen me naked and I too....but now we were buddies...We both couldn't think of each other that way...I won't...Niall was my boy...He peed and waited for a minute. I don't know what he was doing. I cleared my throat and he said," I  am going...you can come out now" The door snapped shut. I pulled the curtain back....and closed the shower. I wiped myself and came out of the door. I then opened my cupboard and took out some comfy grey shorts and a pink tank top. It felt really nice and comfortable. I then put on some makeup..mascara and little lip gloss and walked down the stairs to the hall. It was four in the afternoon. I helped the boys in packing their stuff and all. It was soon nightfall. We had to get ready to leave for the airport. I washed my face and changed into a red lace dress that Niall had picked for me. I put on some leather flats and tied my hair in a ponytail. The doorbell rang. I answered it. It was Eleanor and Perrie..."Ready to go?" They said together as they gripped the handles of their bags tightly..I smiled and said," Ready than ever...come on in" I hugged them and let them in. All the bags were packed and kept in the hall. I went to the kitchen to drink some water as my head ached. I suddely felt two hands coming from behind...I screamed my lungs out," HELP ME SOMEONE..HE WILL KILL ME...AAAHH" In a flash of a second I could see the boys in the kitchen. Zayn was holding a baseball bat, Harry a knife, Liam was holding a hockey stick and Louis was in a karate position. It was Niall. I turned around," NIALL!!! I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU!" I boomed as the water came out from my nose. We all burst into laughter. Harry had to pick me up from the floor. Niall was a scarlet shade as he laughed. 


It was fun..haha...We all sat in the car and left for the airport. Policemen escorted us as girl fans screamed. Angela would be surprised to see this. I held her hand tight. I wanted her to be safe. We boarded our private jet. I sat with Angela in between and Harry on the other side of her. I listened to some songs while Angela and Harry watched " Finding Nemo" She held my hand...with her fingers interwined with hers. I was so happy...I was taking her out...I was getting her back to normal. It was night. I yawned and went to the bathroom to pee. I stroked Angela's cheek before I went. She was leaning over Harry's shoulder and sleeping. I didn't mind that...They were buddies..I was almost done peeing when I heard a loud and shrill scream. It was Angela...Was Percy here? He was in jail right?...I ran to her and saw her twitching on the seat...What was going to happen next? Will we make it to USA or not?...



Hey beauties...I need some entries..I want them for these roles:

1. Harry's girlfriend.

2. Angela's sister whom she had never met before...



Your name, age, skin tone, eye and hair colour, likes and dislikes and well anything you wanna share:) 

thanks for getting this to 200+ reads...love ya'l :)

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