I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





Soon Niall was back. He was holding my hand and singing Little Things to me..He was strumming the guitar and softly singing to me..I loved him...I had to get up..climb out if this black room and go to my Niall..!..He sang," You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you.." I wanted to cry..I just started climbing the stairs to get out of that black room...my legs ached but I kept on..n Niall got up and kissed my lips..I could see light in the black room..i saw a door..I opened it..all the memories flashed before me...I remembered Percy..I ran..jumped into the water..Niall saved me..We kissed..YES!...I kissed him back...I placed my hands in his hair..and opened my eyes..He didn't stop..he kissed me...more..and more..and then..he separated,"Welcome back Angela!" His 4 mates came running in..Niall was crying...A black haired boy helped me up...I hugged Niall and wiped his tears...I said," So you're sad that I'm back..huh?" Niall laughed and said,"I will never let you go again and kissed me on the forehead.." He then said," Well these are my mates-Harry Styles" he said pointing towards the curly haired boy..he smiled at me showing off his awfully pretty dimples..I said"Hi..I am Angela" Harry said," Heyy..welcome back:)" I smiled..Niall said," Thats Liam Payne" pointing towards a boy with brown hair and an arrows tattoo in his hand and one on his wrist saying" Only time will tell" I smiled and said," Hi Liam I'm Angela." He smiled and said," Heyy sweetiee...welcome backkkk." I shot a grin. "He is Louis Tomlinson." he said pointing towards the guy in stripes and wearing suspenders. "Heyy you can call me Lou or Tommo and I like girls who eat carrots' I burst out laughing and held my tummy.."Easy there babe..you've got stitches..okay and last but not the least that is Zayn Malik" Niall said pointing at the black haired boy who had a black earring. "VAS HAPPENING ANGELAA!!" Zayn said and gave me a high-five. I said,"Nice to meet all of you..I am sure I'm gonna enjoy with ya all." Harry said,"Yes beautiful you are gonna have the time of your life." After a few seconds the doctor ran in and was shocked..He said,"It's a miracle..wow..Welcome back Angela. Let your injury heal and then you can go home. Mr. Horan just come along for a minute?" Niall winked at me and followed the doctor. The other boys sat around me ans we started talking.



The doctor took me to the corner and said,"She's very lucky..I think it was because of you..but take care of her wound and see that she's happy." I smiled at him and said," Thanks doc..You helped a lot;)" I then went back to Angela. The boys were talking to her. I joined in.



I took a deep breath and said," Umm...we can go home now!!" Zayn said," YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!" Angela burst out laughing. I was staring at that incredible smile of hers that was priceless to me. I called the boys and told them," Listen all of you..Always keep her happy..help her with everything and Harry keep it in your pants...she's mine!" Harry made a sad babyish face and all of us laughed. Zayn helped Angela get up. I walked her to the car and we were back home in no time. Then we got out of the car. Angela slipped. She said,"I'm not sturdy can someone help?" Liam picked her up in his arms and winked at me. I smiled and we went in the house...Daddy Direction Liam is...then..when we were back home...



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