I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





We were back home. I was glad to meet everyone..Zayn,Liam,Louis,Harry and my Niall...they were taking so much care...I wish my family was like that. I was lying on the sofa thinking about this...my eyes were watering..a tear fell from my eye. Niall caught it in his palm and said," I know what you're thinking babe..but know we're your family!" Liam jumped it saying," I am your daddy!!" Zayn said," I'm the mommy!!" Louis said," I'm your sister..and..I think you must eat carrots!" Harry stood still..he said," I don't wanna be your bro..I'm your best friend!" I burst out laughing..Then we sat for dinner..Harry had made yummy pancakes. I gobbled as many as I could and then said," Lets play something!" Louis said," TRUTH OR DARE..muuahhahahaha.." All agreed to it and then we sat in the hall. I, Liam and Niall on the sofa and Zayn,Louis and Harry on the floor. We spun the bottle..It pointed towards Harry..Zayn said," Um...kiss Angela for a minute..on the lips." I said," Why me?" Niall nudged me and whispered in my ear," Its okay babe...you're mine anyway!" I smiled and Harry came towards me. I got up with Niall's help. Harry's lips met mine. His soft pink lips..were caressing mine..his eyes lost in mine..his hands on my waist. Oh..shit..what was happening?? Zayn sais," Time up!" Harry smirked," You're a good kisser though!" I winked and sat back. Then it came on Louis. Liam said," Go and wear Angela's clothes..take it from her cupboard!" Louis went red," Even the..inside clothes?" Liam said," No..just wear a hot skirt and top." Louis walked to my room and returned wearing a red skirt which was above his knee and a hot white top. He had put some lipstick and said in the most girly voice," Anyone fancies hot Louisa a date huh?" We burst into fits of laughter. He then changed and came back and said," That..that was my twin sister Louisa..I was in the bathroom..so waddup?" Harry slapped his bum and said," Can I have her number?" Louis said,"Later..!" I yawned and said," Oh..I'm sleepy..we'll continue tomorrow..!" Zayn also yawned...then Liam..then Harry..then me again..then Louis..and Niall was already sleeping on my shoulder. I kissed his cheek and tickled him," Get up lover boy...you have to carry me to the room.." Niall sat up and said," Niall Horan at your service ma'am!" I hugged everyone goodnight and me and Niall were soon in our rooms. I got up with some support and went to change my clothes. I took off my shirt..and shorts..I didn't care if Niall was seeing. I turned around and saw..Niall was staring and said," You're so beautiful..he got up and hugged me from behind..I wore my pyjamas and a loose t-shirt...He carried me to the bed and made me lie down. 



She was lying next to me...she then said," Kiss me Niall." I gladly did..my tongue entered her mouth...she kissed me more intensely..I felt her hand slipping through my shirt...she touched my abs. Her soft hands made me feel so good. I slipped my hand in her shirt and caught her boobs..I then withdrew it..She asked,"What happened?" He said," Are you ready for this yet?" She nodded and said," But we won't go all the way bcoz my tummy hurts a bit." I smiled and took off my shirt. I slipped her top off. I kissed her..and made her sit on my lap. I unclipped her bra and kissed her neck...I held her breasts in a cup and fondled them..I turned her to me and licked her nipple..she moaned....I could feel Angela's soft hand on my pyjamas..My bulge was growing. I slowly slid off her pyjamas. I did not take off her undies. I rubbed her..she had already slipped her hand onto my manhood and was rubbing it. We both moaned. I inserted my finger and rubbed it in circles..she moaned..and said," N-i-a-all...faster.!" I increased my pace..rubbed louder..her undies were getting a bit wet..she said," I'm gonna cum..!" and she did..her undies were so wet..I took off my finger..I then slid off my pyjamas. She rubbed my length..I moaned..she moved her hands up and down..massaging it..I moaned and said," Faster..!" She made it quicker..rubbed harder..I said," Oh heck..I'm gonna cum...!" We both then lay next to each other..she held my hand to her breast..I hugged her...Angela said," Thanks Niall..you made me feel so special today.." I said," Thats because you are  special.." We kissed..and then we wore our clothes..she slept off in my arms..with her head buried in my chest. I could stay like this forever...she was just so perfect and beautiful..." She led out a small yawn. She was asleep..I kissed her forehead. She mumbled in her sleep," Niall I will love you forever..you're mine" and then dozed off again," i also said," I love you too my angel." We both slept....it was so perfect...next morning no one was at home apart from me and Angela. I hurriedly dialed Liam's number," Where the heck are you?" I said. Liam said," Come to this address..I am sending it to you..be fast!" I got scared and before I could ask why..he hung up. I got his message.. I brushed..had a quick shower and put on some jeans and polo shirt and left with my cell. I put a note on the cupboard," Had to go out urgently..go to sleep..will take you for bath when I'm back..sorry babe..love you..-Nialler " and left. I came back ..kissed Angela on the forehead and then left again. I wonder why Liam had called me there...I sat in my car and drove off.



Love ya..I'll ask you for some entries in the next chapter..don't forget to read:)

Love ya <3

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