I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





I woke up rubbing my eyes and yawning...I remembered what we had done last night and smiled..I loved Niall..he meant the world to me...I then saw the note he had left. Where had he possible gone time?..I slowly got up and shouted," Nialler? Hazza? Lou? Liam? Zayn? where are you???" there was no answer. I got scared...what was happening..everything was fine right? I then went to the cupboard and took out a hot pair of shorts and a black top having highlighted roses..I went to the the bathroom slowly...because my legs still ached. I had a nice shower..with hair wash as well. I took a pain killer..I had to work after all. I wore my clothes..made my hair in a cute bun and out a Rose in it. I out on some makeup..mascara..eye-liner and gloss. I climbed down to the kitchen and then started making some breakfast. I took out eggs and some milk. I made seven omelettes and lots of milkshake. I had mine and then sat in the hall to watch TV. I tried calling the boys but no one picked up..what to do? *SIGH* I again slowly got up and went to the room and tried clearing it..set my and Niall's clothes nicely. I went to the other rooms as well. Harry had the worst...underwears lying everywhere...ugh..I picked them up with tongs and put them in the washing basket. I vaccummed the whole house..I was so tired..I went to the sofa and slept off. I was asleep but something was cooking behind my back..



We had planned everything. When we reached home luckily Angela was sleeping. I signaled everyone in and we slowly started doing our work. After an hour or so all preparations were done. I smelled omelette. I went to the kitchen and saw that Angela had made food for us. I was overwhelmed. Oh she was so beautiful..helping..I wish I had a girl like her..Niall was so lucky..I showed everyone the discovery. We quietly gobbled down our food. Niall had an extra...thats why she made six. I went and sat next to her. She looked so beautiful. I wanted to kiss her but Niall would kill me. I saw no one was around..I moved a strand of her hair behind from her face and kissed her forehead. She stirred in her sleep and said," OH..I love you too!' and she slept again. I knew she was dreaming of Niall..I wish she would have said that to me..I had kissed her before..I think..I was falling for her...oh god..I was completely lost in her. Just then Lou came by and slapped the back of my head and said," Keep it in your pants..Angela is with Niall.." I frowned and then walked away with him. I saw that Angela had cleaned my room nicely..aw..that girl..I think I loved her..Angela..I then lay on my bed thinking about her eyes...her lips..her tummy..her thighs..she was so perfect..I drifted to sleep. 



So all was set..we were ready. I woke up Harry and we all went to her. We started singing," Wake up in the morning...and have breakfast..we drove two miles to get it" and all of a sudden we started jumping on the sofa," ITS TIME TO GET UP!!..its time to get upp.." Angela opened her beautiful eyes and smiled at me," Morning Sunshine:)" I said with a kiss on her cheek. She sat up and asked," Where were all of you..?? I was so scared..and bored..I cleaned and cooked..and what not..you should have told me ..I would have come along...and.." I shushed her mouth with my finger and said," Work babe..you'll get to know soon." and winked at her. I saw the expression on Angela's face becoming curious..like.."ok..what was happening.." I smiled and said," We're going to USA!!" Zayn said from behind," YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" She started crying," Oh Niall you don't have to do this..it will be very costly..and all" I said," Private jet and we're going shopping today and also Eleanor and Perrie are coming as well!" She said," Eleanor is..with Lou and Perrie with Zayn right?" Zayn nodded..I then helped her get up.She moved my hand and said..." I can walk..I'm fine..!" We were so excited..I was also excited to have a trip with Angela...Me and her..it would be so beautiful. The doorbell rang," DING DONG!" I opened to see Perrie and Eleanor standing. They waved at me..It was time to go for shopping!!! I could see the glow in Angela's eyes..Percy never let her do anything..but I will give her every possible thing I can..I wanted her to be happy. I felt her warm and soft hand clasping my hand..I looked at her and smiled..she said," Lets go!" and we all were off to shop.

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