I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)





All of us went for shopping. I was just so happy..I had found people who cared for me and not just for having sex with me. I was really happy and we left for the mall. Perrie and Eleanor helped me loads. First we went to take undergarments. Perrie and Eleanor came along. I tried my size and went to the cash counter but Harry rushed in to pay. He then took a bra and put his too his chest saying," How does it look on me..huh?" I burst out laughing and Harry had to hold me from falling down. We then went to buy clothes. Eleanor took loads of tops..for me and Perrie took loads of sexy shorts and jeans. Niall picked a few beautiful dresses for me. I saw Harry seeing something in a corner but when I walked in he said," Heyy...I was finding the match for that hot bra." I giggled again and walked away. We took all and went to eat. As we sat I asked," Where's Harry..??" as Niall was stuffing down a burger into his mouth. Liam popped in saying," He's coming..I guess he's lost or somethin" I heard a sneeze. It was Niall. He said," Oh shit..they put the sauce that I'm allergic to..everyone stay away from me..and specially you Angela. Louis said," Means no kissing and nights with Niall.." I shot a death glare at him and he gave me an evil smirk. We then went home. Harry came and said,"I'm sorry I got lost and all..ugh..leave it..!" Niall then said with his mouth covered," Angela please sleep in Harry's room tonight..I am infectious." I nodded and went to change. I then came in Harry's room. It was clean..I had cleaned it before...lol..and sat on the bed. Harry picked up his pillows. I stopped him and said," Where are you going?" 


She put her soft warm hand on mine. I could die but I asked her," I am gonna sleep..How can we share a bed..umm..But Angela was just so lovely...she said," No..you can sleep by me..and if someone has to sleep on the couch...it will be me." I hugged her and sat next to her. She suddenly asked me," Hey! how about we watch a movie??" I couldn't refuse her kind request. We put on the movie," The perks of being a walflower." "Emma Watson is soo hot." She winked and said," No..Logan Lerman is hotter." Then after a but of fight..the movie started...Logan's mom's car crashed and she died..he was remembering that..I felt a tear drop to my hand. Angela was crying. I put my arms around her. She also hugged me. I wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. After that Emma was kissing Logan...I looked at Angela. I turned her face to me. Automatically we started kissing each other. I couldn't believe this was happening. I slipped my hands into her shirt. She separated," Ok..what am I doing?" I shushed her and said," Love." We started kissing again. I ripped off her shirt. She lifted off mine. Her one hand was grasping my curls as she was intensely kissing me. Her other hand was slipping into my boxers. I let out a moan as she slid her soft hands on my dick. I unclipped her bra and started playing with her boobs. I rubbed them together and flipped them. I licked her nipple and sucked it.I sucked her sweet spot below her collarbone. She let out a moan as she clasped my dick tighter, "OUCH..You're gonna be punished for that. She then said," I'm a virgin and don't break my virginity whatever you do...I don't know why am I doing this...but it feels right." I nodded and slid off her pyjamas. I then said," Turn around and lie on my lap...I'm gonna punish you. She smiled her beautiful smile and lay on my lap with her bum facing me. I slapped her bum repeatedly and rubbed it. She moaned. I turned her around and made her sit on the bed with her legs wrapped around me. I rubbed her clit with my middle finger as she left a moan. I saw her getting wet...the wet spot was increasing..I rubbed it harder and harder..She said," H-A-rry..ugh..I'm gonna cum. I removed my finger. She asked," What..? Don't do that..pleeease..rub me" I smiled and said.." No..lets do something more fun." I bent and took out a box of fun things from below my bed. I took out a vibrator from that along with handcuffs. I smiled an evil grin..".now you're gonna get your real punishment babe."


I was enjoying him but feeling guilty over Niall. Never the less Harry connected the vibrator to a socket and switched it on. She then lifted me and tied my hands to the bed with handcuffs. I asked," WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Harry said," Punishing you.." as he slapped my boobs. I wanted to smile but I didn't. He started the vibrator and pushed it in me..careful not to break my virginity. I moaned. He smiled..he increased the speed...made it the highest. My body was vibrating. I barely said," H--a--rr--yy...its..too..fast.."and let out moans. Harry got up and came on top of me. He removed the handcuff from my one hand. He  took off his boxers and said ," Your turn babe" as his hands played with my breasts.He stuck his dick onto my boobs and asked me to give him a blowjob. I took his dick and massaged it from top to bottom. We both let out moans as the vibrator was on its highest setting..I rubbed Harry harder..He put his dick into my mouth..I licked it..nicely...the head..He was moaning...He said,"Faster Angela...faster...as fast as you can..oh..I'm gonna cum!" I stopped with a smile on my face with sweat on my forehead. I said," Lets do something more fun." He opened my handcuffs. He then bent and inserted his tongue into me...he licked..it was amazing. I then took the vibrator and placed it on his dick. He smiled and hugged me..Then we sat in a way where the vibrator touched my clit and his dick. I twas on its highest setting. It was so nice. We led out moans. He rubbed me and I rubbed his dick. We both reached our climax and spilled our juices. I bent over and licked his dick..and said,"Yum!" He grinned and licked me clean. I don't know what was happening. I wore my clothes and he wore his boxers but I could hear someone outside the door. Had that person seen everything..heard us?" I heard someone coming towards the door. We were terrified. Harry threw the vibrator back and made everything clean. He shifted away. I heard Niall..he was saying,"Angela...where are you?...my allergy is cured..yay!" We were terrified...whats gonna happen next?


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