I went to end my life...but that Irish Boy started it again♥

I went to commit suicide because I was sick of life...but I met someone who made my life worth living..that IRISH boy..Niall Horan...
Its my first movella..hope you like it:)


14. A GOOD DAY:)



I was completely exhausted and shit scared. What was happening..I mean...P-p-ercy...was he right?...NO...Niall will never leave me...he loves me...we're just together forever..I was thinking all of this sitting by the car window. We had landed and were going towards the hotel. A tear rolled down my cheek. A warm thumb wiped it away and strong hands hugged me...Soft lips purred my cheeks and a calming voice said," I'll be there for you..please don't cry hun." I smiled and kissed Niall on the lips and said," I know babe..I was crying at the fact that...you love me so much..and I'm lucky to have ya." Niall smiled and kissed my forehead. He kept his fingers interwined in mine till we reached the hotel. I was feeling bad that I had spoiled everyone's day. We entered our villa. It was a 6 bedroom hall and kitchen villa. I stood up on the table and clapped and said," Hey..Who wants to watch Paranomal Activity 4?" Niall said," Not me...I have to meet Simon. He just called me. He just wants to meet me...I guess its regarding my diet *sigh* Harry winked at him and said," yeah...or you'll have fat babies with her!" I went red and threw a pillow at Harry. He laughed and said," So its decided...Niall you're going out and we all are watching Paranomal Activity 4!" Lou said," Yes it is!" Liam popped in to say," Can't we watch TOY STORY?" I shook my head and said," nope..!" Okay.." Chef Hazza make some yummy popcorn and I and Zayn will make the hall ready..Liam and Lou...order for the CD from the hotel helpdesk and Niall...you go reduce your diet...bwahahah!" Niall laughed his priceless laugh. He then hugged me...I went till the door to leave him. I kissed him on the lips..he kissed me back..I then heard..ooohh aahhs...and then Haz said," Get a room you two!" I then let go and said," Love ya Prince Charming.!" He winked and said," Love ya too princess" He then walked towards the elevator. I shut the door..Everything was ready in 15 minutes..the villa was smelling of delicious popcorn....and we called for loads of Pepsi...and put straws in it...I sat in the middle..Harry on the other side of me..and Lou on the other. Liam and Zayn on the the farther ends..the movie started...I was shit scared..lights were off...Louis was hiding behind my hair..My hand was being used my Harry to hide his eyes..and suddenly the door burst open..I shouted at the tip of my voice,"SHE'S HERE...RUN!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.." All of us shouted..I picked up a pillow and threw it at the person who had entered...He said," Ouch!" I recognised that Irish voice," STOP...Its Niall!" Liam switched on the light and we all burst laughing. We called for dinner. I was going to my room and I heard Harry talk with someone on the phone...I stood by the door and listened. He said," Yes Aimee..How are you hun? Yeah...I'll meet you tomorrow..after concert..I'll get my best friend Angela along..I'm sure you will like her," I smiled to myself and heard Harry say," Okay..tomorrow...we meet at 10:30...I'll pick you up..Yep...only Angela is coming...sure..love..gnight bye Aimee.." The door opened..Harry went red..I asked.." Who is Aimee?" He said," Umm..err...s..he...Aimee..umm...she,...is...m-my friend.." I said,"' Where are we going tomorrow?" Harry said," You see..gnight hun...he kissed me on the cheek and walked away." I smiled and went to bed..I was excited to meet Aimee..After me and Harry messed up...I wanted him to find a nice girl for himself..I hope Aimee was good.." I entered the room. I laid in Niall's arms and kissed him. He said," You're the best thing Jesus could give me." I said," You too." I kissed him one last time and we both went asleep hugging each other. I was waiting for tomorrow..I was going to a concert with Niall and then I was gonna meet Aimee..




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