Have you ever wondered what afterlife is like? Well trust me! It sucks. I'm Jessica Tomlinson and I am dead. No-one can see me. I can scream as much as I want and no-one will hear me. I was stuck on Earth when I died. So now I stalk my brother, Louis Tomlinson. Yes THE Louis Tomlinson!


2. Chapter 2

Jessica's POV 

"can you see me?" I ask Louis "uh huh" Louis says eyes wide with shock "can you hear me?" I ask floating to him. He nods with mouth right open "Louis what are you doing?" Harry asks putting a hand in his face "J-Jess is right t-there!" Louis stutters pointing to me "no she's not Louis your seeing things!" Liam says "Louis I am a ghost only you can see me because your the one that loved me the most" I say trying to cry but failing as I don't have tears through my system "Jess" Louis says as the boys take him away "ill be following you Louis. Everywhere you go" I say slamming the coffin shut "AHH WHAT WAS THAT!!" Niall screams scared. Louis starts cracking up laughing "it was Jess!" Louis says laughing "yeah right" Niall says scared still "it was Niall!!" Louis says pointing to me "I don't see anything but the now closed coffin Louis" harry says. I start to laugh. I could have a lot of fun! I thought making harry float "AHH AHH AHH AHH AHH!!" Harry screams as I put him next to me "harry" I whisper in his ear although he can't hear me "who said that?" He says as i start to touch him "SOMEONE'S TOUCHING ME!!!" Harry screams running as I fall to the floor laughing "that's me you fucking prick!" I say laughing so hard I nearly pissed myself "o-okay I'm not sorry!!" I laugh. 


Sorry for the SHORTEST CHAPTER EVER!! I have my cousin over and mom said to put the laptop up:(

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