Have you ever wondered what afterlife is like? Well trust me! It sucks. I'm Jessica Tomlinson and I am dead. No-one can see me. I can scream as much as I want and no-one will hear me. I was stuck on Earth when I died. So now I stalk my brother, Louis Tomlinson. Yes THE Louis Tomlinson!


1. Chapter 1

Jessica's  POV 

we just arrived to my friend Amy, birthday party. She's the most popular girl at Doncaster High. So it's kinda obvious that she had a million people here. I entered the house shyly "JESSIE YOU MADE IT!!" Amy squeals as I make my way to the table where all the food and drinks are "uh yeah I did" I say quietly "OMG I want to take you somewhere!" Amy and Amelia (they are twins) squeal "okay?" I ask "come on!" They say dragging me to their car "do you want me to drive?" I ask "nope we aren't drunk!" Amelia slurrs "okay" I say un surely. We get in the car and drive off "AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!!" Amelia screams driving "WATCH OUT AMELIA!!" Too late bright lights and honks came and then blackness. 

~end of flashback~

that was 2 months ago. I am now at my funeral. Everyone crying "SCREW YOU JESS!! I HATED YOU ALL ALONG!!" My 'boyfriend' says "I fucking know that you dickhead!" I say. They are having open coffin funeral "my sweetheart! Please look down on us and look after us!" My mother plea's and puts a red rose in my dead hand "you were always my little sis! Please please please take care!" Louis says crying as he puts my favourite flower, a blue orchid, in my blonde with brown undergrowth hair and walks away "you were always a playful one sweetie! You'd always tuck Louis in and kiss him goodnight like a mother although you were younger" my dad cries and kisses my dead forehead "I love'd you the most dad!" I say sitting on the coffin "we miss u!!" The twins say with the rest of the sisters as they out many blue orchids in my pale dead hands. The funeral is almost over and everyone but Louis, harry, Niall, Liam and zayn have left "we all loved you Jess! We loved your smile. Your dimples. Your appearance. Your personality the most. You were always playful and funny. You'd be so active!" Louis cries "I love you too Louis!" I say still sitting on the coffin "did you hear that?" Louis says "what?" Harry asks "it sounded like Jess!" Louis says looking around frantically "I'm right here Louis!" I say louder. He looks where I'm sitting "j-Jess?" 

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