When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


16. Tables Turned

Anne: Don’t I know you?

Kim: Mrs. Styles! Would, would you like me to get you a drink?

Anne: Would I like for you to give me a drink? You know I don’t remember you looking or dressing like this.

Kim: The boys’ stylist, Lou…

Anne: Oh, so she helped you huh. How much did she have to put on you to make you look this good, twenty pounds of makeup? *laughs*

Kim: You know, you’re just as wicked as my father is you know. No, not my father, you’re as wicked as the people who bullied my parents and me.

Anne: Bullied? I was one of them. I really don’t remember your mom looking this good for prom. *laughs* Would you pour me a glass of punch please.

Kim: *fakes a smile mad* Of course. *pours a cup of punch* Here you...

Eleanor: *bumps into kim*

Kim: *accidently spills the punch on anne/gasp*

Eleanor: Oops, sorry, shouldn’t have gotten in my way. *smiles evil and walks off*

Kim: I’m so sorry! Let me clean that for you. *grabs a towel and wipes annes dress*

Anne: How dare you!

Niall: Is that your mom and Kim?

Harry: Are you checking out my… my mom? *looks and sees anne pushing kim*

Anne: *pushing kim* Huh? Look what you did to my dress! Are you gonna pay for it! Your family is so poor I don’t even know how you got here! Using my son for fame!

Kim: *panics* I’m, I’m not using your son for fame Mrs. Styles.

Louis: *arrives and smiles*

Anne: Yes you are!

Louis: *hears and sees anne pushing someone* I’m, I’m sorry. *runs to anne*

Harry: *runs half way and sees Louis*

Louis: Mrs. Styles, what’s going on?

Anne: Louis! This stupid girl poured punch on me!

Kim: It wasn’t an accident.

Louis: You have to excuse her; she’s kind of clumsy Anne. *smiles cocky*

Anne: I see that!

Kim: *about to cry* It wasn’t my fault Louis! You weren’t even here to see what happened!

Louis: Wow, you look very different tonight.

Kim: *silent/scared*

Anne:  *wiping herself* I can’t believe this.

Kim:  *grabs the towel from anne and wipes her dress* I really didn’t mean to...

Louis: Why did you spill it on her for Kim.

Kim: Maybe if your girlfriend didn’t push me then I wouldn’t have spelt it on her!

Louis: *changes mood* Wait? Eleanor? *looks at Eleanor*

Eleanor: *walks off*

Louis: Eleanor did this?

Anne: What? Never!

Harry:  What happened?

Louis: Eleanor pushed Kim and made her spill the punch on your mom.

Anne: Eleanor didn’t have anything to do with this! She purposely did it because I didn’t let her pour me a drink.

Louis: Did Eleanor really push you Kim?

Kim: I would never do this to your mom Harry. I don't even know her.

Harry: As much as my mother hates your parents, you know my mother would never lie about anything.

Kim: *silent/wants to cry*

Louis: Maybe Kim is telling the truth Harry.

Harry: Kim, you have to be careful what you do? I know you’re kind of new to heels and what you’re wearing, but please be careful next time ok. My mom bought this dress expensively. I know you’re sometimes clumsy, but you didn’t have to really do that to her. Are you ok mom?

Kim: *cries* I came all the way over here, to surprise you and you treat me like this?

Louis: *feels bad*

Harry: I really can’t believe you would do this to my mom just because she didn’t want you to pour her a drink.

Kim: Even if it was on purpose, she talked down and made fun of my parents! No one makes fun of them! If they want to make fun of them, they do it to me, and only me! *runs off crying and falls*

Harry: *feels guilty*

Niall: What  just happened?

Zayn: Was he just yelling at her?

Liam: I think Louis just defended Kim guys.

Niall: I can’t believe Harry would do this to Kim.

Liam: On this night too.

Zayn: I realy hope she’s ok.

Kim: *gets up/picks up her shoe and runs*

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