When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


35. Shocking News

Danielle: Guess who I saw at the mall!

Liam: Who?

Danielle: Guess.

Niall: Demi Lovato?

Danielle: No, guess again.

Zayn: Megan Fox?

Danielle: Nope.

Harry: Umm, Simon?

Niall: *laughs*

Danielle: No. *chuckles*

Louis: Justin Bieber!

Niall: Oh my gosh! You saw Justin!

Danielle: No I didn’t see any celebrities; it was a friend of ours.

Louis: Oh, Eleanor?

Danielle: Umm no. C’mon guys, really? We talk about that person almost every day.

Niall: Kim!

Louis: You saw Kim?

Danielle: Yeah, I gave her your number.

Louis: Why?

Danielle: She said she’s sorry if you have been calling her, her mom took her phone and things just changed since. She’s moved out on her own. Her mother is remarried, and she’s trying to find you again.

Louis: Took her phone? Find me again? I’ve moved on Danielle.

Danielle: It’s pretty complicated; she said she’ll call you sometimes.

Kim: *walking back and forth*

Louis: *silent in shocked* I can’t believe this.

Kim: I’ll just call him. *calls Louis*

Louis: It’s a new number.

Danielle: Pick it up, it’s probably her.

Louis: Hello?

Kim: We have a son.

Louis: *drops his phone*

Liam: Louis?

Niall: *confused*

Harry: *picks up the phone* Hello?

Kim: Tell Louis to call me back if he wants to see his son.

Harry: *on the phone shocked in silence*



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