When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


1. Meeting Kim

Kim:  *walking with harry*

Harry: *holding kims hand*

Zayn: Whoa, who’s this. *smiles*

Harry: *laughs* Zayn, this is Kim, my girlfriend.

Kim: *smiles* Hi, I’m Kim, Harry’s girlfriend.

Zayn: I’m Zayn, Harry’s friend.

Kim: *chuckles* It’s nice to meet you Zayn.

Zayn: You too. *smiles*

Perrie: Hey babe.

Zayn: Oh, this is Perrie, my girlfriend.

Kim: Hi, Kim, Harry’s girlfriend.

Perrie: Harry’s girlfriend? Wow, you really hitted the jackpot huh.

Harry: She’s a beauty, I’m glad I met her. She’s everything I ever needed and looked for in a girl.

Kim: Well that’s a first I heard.

Harry: I never really introduced you to my friends have I?

Kim: *smiles* No, but I’m willing to meet them; I mean I already   met Zayn. *chuckles*

Harry: Should we go meet them now or when?

Kim: I mean it’ll be great to already know them before we get far in our relationship.

Harry: Ok, you can meet them.

Liam: *holding hands with Danielle*

Harry: Liam, meet my girlfriend.

Liam: Girlfriend?

Danielle: Oh, she’s a hit Harry. *smiles and chuckles*

Kim: *chuckles shy* Hit? What does that supposed to mean?

Danielle: You’re hot.

Kim: I never really been called that before.

Danielle: Well now you have my friend. *smiles*

Kim: Well, thank, thank you.

Danielle: Danielle.

Kim: It’s nice to meet you, I’m Kim.. *looks at liam*

Liam: *hugs kim* I’m Liam.

Kim: It’s nice to meet you Liam.

Liam: So, what are you guys up to?

Kim: Well Harry’s introducing me to his band mates before we get really into a committed relationship.

Harry: Well it’s because you wanted to know them beforehand. *chuckles*

Kim: *laughs* Yeah, what are you guys up to?

Louis: *interrupts* Guys, Eleanor and I are gonna meet up with Niall. Did you guys want to come along?

Liam: Where is he?

Louis: He’s at Nando’s.

Liam: Yeah, we’ll come with you. *looks at kim* Want to come with us? *smiles*

Kim: Sure, I mean we’re all friends’ right.

Danielle: *puts her arms around kim* Yeah, of course. *smiles*

Liam: Oh Louis, this is Kim, Harry’s girlfriend.

Louis: Um yeah, ok. *takes off with Eleanor*

Liam: Wait, is Zayn meeting us there?

Harry: I think so.

Liam: Ok. *grabs danielles hand and leaves*

Harry: I’ll drive us there. *smiles*

Kim: Well…

Zayn: Harry!

Harry: Yeah?

Zayn: Did Louis leave already?

Harry: Yeah, Liam and Danielle are going with them.

Zayn: Oh, who’s going in your car?

Harry: Just us.

Zayn: Alright, can Perrie and I ride with you two?

Kim: Yeah, of course.

Zayn: Thank you.

Liam: Niall! You can’t be eating already without us.

Niall: I’m hungry. Where’s… who’s that?

Liam: Oh that’s Kim.

Niall: Kim?

Liam: Harry’s girlfriend.

Niall: He has a girlfriend?

Liam: Yeah, why?

Niall: Since when?

Liam: I don’t know.

Harry: Hey.

Niall:What’s up?

Liam: Ask him. *moves over*

Harry: Ask me what?

Niall: You’re Kim?

Kim: *shy* Um, yeah I’m Kim.

Niall: Niall, we’re gonna be best friends, no call take back.

Kim: *chuckles* Ok?

Niall: Harry when did you get a girlfriend?

Liam: Yeah.

Harry: *sits and chuckles* Is there something wrong with her?

Louis: *rolls his eyes*

Kim: *sees Louis rolling his eyes*

Niall: No, it’s just that she’s really beautiful. *smiles at kim*

Kim:  *smiles*

Harry: I met her through a friend.

Liam: She’s really beautiful Harry. You’re beautiful Kim.

Kim: Well thank you guys for the compliments, it’s a first time I ever heard them from people my age.

Zayn: Why is that?

Kim: I pretty much been bullied and picked on my whole life.

Niall: Well, I’m serious Kim, we’re gonna be best friends.

Kim: Thank you. *smiles*

Louis: We really don’t care if you guys are “gonna” be best friends Niall. No offense to you Kim, but you’re not all that.

Kim: I didn’t say I was “all” that.

Louis: Ok, but I know you’re thinking that.

Kim: *chuckles* No, not even close. I’m just an ordinary girl who got caught up with Harry.

Eleanor: Well don’t let the fame change you.

Kim: Excuse me?

Eleanor: You heard.

Harry: Don’t talk to my girlfriend that way.

Louis: And don’t talk to my girlfriend that way.

Liam: Guys, Louis, what’s gotten into you lately? You haven’t been yourself for a while.

Harry: Maybe Eleanor isn’t giving him what he wants.

Zayn: *chuckles*

Louis: Shut up Zayn.

Zayn: I was just *gets mad* What happened to you Louis!? You use to always joke around and laugh at us and now you don’t even look at us.

Louis: I don’t know guys, something’s changed and I’m sure it isn’t me. *get up and leaves*

Eleanor: Babe! *grabs her purse*

Kim: It was nice meeting you.

Eleanor: Shut up. *runs after Louis*

Perrie: *gasp*

Danielle: That was rude of her.

Perrie: I know right, she’s never that rude.

Liam: Maybe something’s going on with them?

Harry: Yeah, the change of attitude with both of them.

Eleanor: Babe, where are you going?

Louis: *turns around* Eleanor, it’s over between us.

Eleanor: What?

Louis: *walks to his car*

Eleanor: *runs to the car*

Harry: Are they arguing?

Eleanor: Open the door! I want to leave too.

Louis: *starts the engine and takes off*

Eleanor: Louis!

Zayn: Whoa! Did he just leave?!

Perrie: What the hell is his problem?

Danielle: I’ll go talk to her. *gets up and walks to Eleanor*

Kim: Guys, if it’s me, I’m really sorry.

Harry: No, it’s not you. It’s just Louis’s been like that since who knows when.

Kim: Because of me?

Harry: No, it’s not you babe. *puts his arms around kim*

Danielle:  El, what happened?

Eleanor: He just left.

Danielle: Why?

Eleanor: I don’t know. *walks back in the café*

Perrie: So?

Eleanor: He broke up with me.

Perrie: What?!

Eleanor: He said it’s over and took off.

Kim: Eleanor, I’m really sorry about that.

Eleanor: Shut up Kim! Don’t act like you know us when you don’t! You know, maybe you’re the reason we’re like this.

Kim: Oh, I’m really sorry. *wants to cry*

Eleanor: Sorry? You’re sorry sounds pathetic!

Perrie: How is it Kim’s fault when we all just met her today?

Eleanor: Whatever, look Harry, can you give me a ride home.

Harry: Give you a ride home? You just disrespected my girlfriend in front of me and the group.

Eleanor: Uh… I’m sorry?

Danielle: Your sorry sounds twice as pathetic.

Perrie: *laughs* That was a good one.

Eleanor: Whatever, I’ll take the bus then.

Harry: Yeah, you do that Eleanor. And think about what you just said.

Eleanor: *takes off sad*

Kim: Guys, maybe you guys were a little harsh on her.

Harry: Babe, she disrespected you.

Kim: And it’s ok I had that throughout my whole life and not everyone likes you the first time they meet you.

Harry: So, you’re trying to say that you didn’t like me the first time we met?

Kim: Well, not really, no guys had really talked and made me feel wanted like you.

Niall: Well they missed out because you are beautiful.

Liam: You really are Kim.

Kim: I’m gonna go talk to Eleanor and ask if she’s ok. I’ll be right back.

Zayn: You don’t have to. It’s not the first really.

Kim: Really?

Niall: I’m gonna go pay, I’ll be right back. *gets up and leaves*

Zayn: Yeah, she just needs to clean things up with Louis and talk it out with him. Louis’s just like her right now. Something must have gone wrong with them.

Kim: Well I hope it wasn’t me.

Zayn: No, why would it be you? We just met you today.

Kim: Still.

Harry: C’mon, let’s go.

Liam: Wait, does your car fit us all?

Perrie: Zayn and I can catch a cab or bus.

Zayn: Yeah.

Harry: Are you guys’ crazy? My car can fit, trust me.

Liam: No, Danielle and I will take the bus.

Perrie: No, we’re gonna take a cab.

Danielle: Ok, well you two can take the cab. Liam and I will take the bus, leaving Harry and Kim to his car.

Liam: Brilliant babe. *hugs Danielle*

Danielle: *smiles*

Harry: That’s a good idea too.

Zayn: Alright, we’re gonna go then.

Niall: So who’s going with who?

Liam: Where’d you go?

Niall: I went to pay?

Zayn: Niall!

Niall: What? What’d I do?

Zayn: Did you drive here?

Niall: Yeah, I did why?

Zayn: Perfect! Perrie and I will go with you and Liam and Danielle can go with Harry and Kim.

Niall: Yeah, I thought that was the plan?

Zayn: Well we weren’t sure if you drive here or not because we were gonna take the cab and bus.

Perrie: Actually, we forgot about you for a minute.

Niall: Why would you want to do that when you can hitch a ride from me? And why would you guys forget about me? I was the one that invited you guys here.

Harry: *laughs* Guess we kinda forgot.

Niall: *laughs* Well I’m ready to go.

Zayn: Alright, I am too.

Harry: Oh, I didn’t see your car outside, is it in the garage?

Louis: Why does it matter Harry.

Harry:  I was just asking.

Louis: *looks and sees kim* You brought her here?

Harry: Yeah, why?

Louis: Why? She can’t be here.

Harry: If Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie can then Kim can too.

Kim: I can leave.

Louis: Yeah, you do that.

Harry: No! She’s not going anywhere Louis. Babe, you’re gonna stay here with me tonight.

Kim: I shouldn’t, I mean I caused enough problems today.

Harry: You caused nothing babe.

Kim: Louis breaking up with Eleanor, and the friendship now. Harry, I can’t do this anymore.

Harry: You were never even to start with. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them.

Louis: Them? It’s not my fault for my actions Harry.

Harry: What’s gotten into you Louis! You changed.

Liam: *walks downstairs* Whoa, what’s going on? Were you home?

Louis: Yeah, I was Liam!

Liam: I’m sorry; Dani and I didn’t see you when we walked in.

Harry: Yeah, cause he had the lights off.

Kim: Look, I know you don’t like me and I, well I like you, but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here for you and everyone else.

Louis: Get out of my face!

Kim: *gasp* Ok, I’m sorry.

Louis: I’ll be home later. *takes off*

Harry: Don’t even bother coming back tonight.

Louis: Oh Harry, don’t worry, I don’t plan to neither.

Kim: *feels bad*

Zayn: Louis.

Louis: Fuck off! *leaves*

Perrie: Want me to show you to your room? *smiles*

Kim: My room?

Perrie: Or would you rather sleep with Harry in his room?

Harry: She’s gonna sleep with me. *grabs kims hand and goes upstairs*

Zayn: Why would you want them to sleep separate?

Perrie: I don’t know.

Zayn: Do you see us or Liam and Danielle sleeping in different rooms?

Perrie: Ok, I get it.

Zayn: *laughs*

Perrie: *laughs*

Harry: *sits on the bed in a stress mood*

Kim: Babe. *goes and sits next to harry*

Harry: Yeah?

Kim: Is he always like that?

Harry: No, he’s always happy, making jokes, and laughing.

Kim: He does seem like that kind of guy.

Harry: He is, he’s my best friend and now we don’t even talk.

Kim: Maybe he just needs…

Harry: Some time alone, yeah. *turns away*

Kim: *massages harrys shoulders*

Harry: *turns back at kim* I love you Kim.

Kim: *smiles* Really.

Harry: I know we just met not too long ago and got together quickly, but I really do love you.

Kim: Aw.

Harry: I do Kim; you’re the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s you, but you’re really breathtaking.

Kim: *chuckles* Am I?

Harry: Why would I lie?

Kim: Because I never had a boyfriend before and you’re a first.

Harry: *smiles* Well they don’t know what they missed out on.

Kim: Well more like no guys ever talked to me, only made fun of me.

Harry: Well they don’t deserve a beautiful girl then.

Kim: *smiles touched*

Harry: *moves closer to kim*

Kim: What are you doing?

Harry: *about to kiss kim* What?

Kim: *moves back* I said what are you doing?

Harry: I was just gonna give you a kiss.

Kim: I never been kissed before.

Harry: *chuckles* You can’t be that bad.

Kim: Harry, please.

Harry: *serious* Kim. If we’re gonna be together for a long time, we minus kiss now. Or if you plan on breaking up and want to date more guys, you can practice with me.

Kim: I’m not gonna get with any other guys Harry. I’m lucky to even get to be yours.

Harry: Yeah, you’re with the biggest pop star in the world.

Kim: I didn’t even know about you guys until now.

Harry: Well you seem to like us so far and me right?

Kim: I don’t like you, I love you.

Harry: *smiles* Do you ever think we’ll get married?

Kim: Married? *stands up* That’s too soon. I, I can’t marry you or anyone else right now.

Harry: *laughs* I didn’t mean right now, I meant in the future. You do plan on being with me for a long time right?

Kim: Of, of course Harry. I wouldn’t want to lose you; I mean no guys ever talked or wanted to be with me because of my looks back then.

Harry: You couldn’t be that bad back then.

Kim: Oh, I was. I had braces, glasses, and wore the worst outfit you could ever think of, but worst.

Harry: No way. I want to see a picture.

Kim: I burnt them all.

Harry: Why?

Kim: It was only bad memories Harry.

Harry: Well if I love you now, I would have loved you before too.

Kim: *smiles happy* Really?

Harry: Yeah.

Kim: *sits on next to harry* I’m really glad I have you in my life.

Harry: *kisses kim softly*

Kim: *shocked*

Harry: *smiles at kim*

Kim: *touches her lips*

Harry: *laughs* Don’t worry, they’re still on.

Kim: *runs to the restroom*

Harry: *smiles confused*

Kim:  *touches her lips and smiles into the mirror*

Harry: *lays on the bed comfortly and falls asleep*

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