When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


32. Maybe She's Lying

Louis: *rings the doorbell*

Kathryn: *opens the door* Oh hi Louis.

Louis: Is Kim home? She didn’t respond to my text or answered any of my calls. I just wanted to know if she was ok.

Kathryn: She doesn’t live anymore.

Louis: *confused* What?

Kathryn: She left with her dad.

Louis: Oh, ok, umm, do you know where they went? When she’ll be home?

Kathryn: She moved out with him. She said it’s over between you and her. So stop calling and texting her.

Louis: I’m sorry, I even bothered, have a good day then. *leaves heartbroken*

Kathryn: Have a great life!

Louis: Thank you? *takes off*

Zayn: She what!?

Harry: No, that can’t be, that doesn’t sound like Kim.

Louis: And that didn’t sound like her mother either.

Harry: But why would Kim not tell you? Kim’s the type that always tells you something.

Louis: I don’t know guys; do you really think her mom was telling the truth?

Danielle: You know, the only way to find out is if you call her.

Louis: No, she doesn’t even want to talk or see me anymore. I should respect that and move on too right?

Perrie: Sometimes, it’s always good to call her Louis. Maybe she’ll change her mind or maybe her mom was lying?

Louis: I don’t know. I want to, but she hasn’t been picking up.

Niall: I don’t really know Kim like you guys, but from my point of view, she’s a really sweet girl, she wouldn’t say those kinds of things to anyone. I mean even though she’s been bullied, I know she can stand for herself, but saying this about you Louis. That’s not her.

Louis: You know I’ll call her, when time slows down.

Liam: By that you mean?

Louis: I don’t know Liam, just whenever. *gets up and leaves to his room*

Zayn: So do you guys think Kim really broked up with Louis?

Perrie: Well, they weren’t really together were they? He just defended her and then stayed at her place.

Liam: Yeah, you’re right, so technically they weren’t even together.

Zayn: But they had sex.

Niall: Maybe he lied about it.

Harry: Or maybe they did. A one night stand, everyone does it once in a while.

Danielle: I just think that whatever is going on, it’ll be ok. I know they’re together and still are. Times are probably just tough on them right now.

Liam: *looks at Danielle*

Danielle: Am I wrong?

Liam: No, not at all babe. *smiles*

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