When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


24. Jordan Drama

Blake: Haven't heard our daughter laugh like that since she was in first grade.

Kathryn: You don’t think she likes him do you?

Blake: I don’t see why not? He’s a good kid.

Kathryn: He doesn't have any respect. Kissing our daughter when she's dating his band mate? Who really does that though Blake.

Louis: What are they talking about?

Kim: I didn't want to tell you it, but yeah, they're always arguing.

Louis: I wanna listen. *smiles*

Kim: The doors right there.

Louis: *grabs kims hand and listens to the conversation*

Kim: *doesn’t want to listen*

Kathryn: Well, I kind of like Harry more.

Louis: Ouch.

Kim: *wants to leave* I'm gonna go.

Louis: Hold on, shhh.

Blake: After what he’s done to our daughter? No way. I knew he was something when he walked in.

Kathryn: You didn’t even get to know him.

Blake: I don’t need to; he’s already done enough damage to our daughter.

Kathryn: We forgive Blake.

Blake: Not me. Have you forgotten? His mother is Anne! Who bullied and picked on you and then us from seventh grade til senior year.

Kathryn: I know, but let’s say Louis hurts Kim. Are you gonna go back to Harry?

Louis: I would never hurt Kim like Harry did. I wouldn’t even lie to her if I wasn’t in love or interested in her.

Kathryn: Were you listening?

Louis: Yes and I’m sorry. I overheard the name Harry and I just had to listen.

Kathryn: Why would you? It didn't involve you.

Kim: Don't talk to Louis that way.

Louis: It's ok Kim, Harry is my friend and a band member. We always have each other’s back mam’.

Blake: Nice, I like that, did you hear that? This kids got positive attitude, good answers, honest, and always defending himself and others. If I let you marry my daughter someday, would you like to marry her?

Louis: I wouldn’t like to marry her, I’m sorry.

Kim: *silent*

Blake: *kind of mad*

Kathryn: I told you he doesn't love our daughter Blake!

Louis: *laughs* If you would had let me finish Mrs. Jordan, I was gonna say because I would love to marry your daughter one day. *smiles*

Blake: *laughs* I knew it. She’s all yours son, but if you do one damage to her and her heart, you will pay for it all.

Louis: I won’t let anything happen to her Mr. Jordan. She’s like a winning prize, always will be on the top shelf, never replace or gotten about.

Kim: *smiles big* That’s the nicest thing someone’s ever said about me.

Louis: Really? Not even Harry said that?

Kim: No, all he said was that I was beautiful, I made him the happiest person alive, and that he’ll protect me no matter what.

Louis: Protect you no matter what? Ha, so much for protecting tonight.

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* Yeah, I know right.

Louis: *puts his arms around kim* I won’t let these little things hurt you anymore. If they hurt you, I would hurt them back.

Kim: *smiles*

Louis: *grabs kims hand* Goodnight. *kisses her hand and walks off*

Kathryn: *grabs kims arm and goes into the kitchen* You can’t like him.

Kim: Why not mom?

Kathryn:  I know what Harry did to you was wrong, but he’s the best for you.

Kim:  The best for me? Mom, his mom made fun of me and both you and dad, I can’t have her as my mother in law! Are you crazy!?

Kathryn: He loves you Kim.

Kim: Loves me?! He embarrassed and yelled at me in public mom!

Kathryn:  I don’t think the fans know you were his girlfriend, so it was ok.

Kim: No, never would i get back wit Harry. He's hurt me mom, he's hurt me deepl

Kathryn: *slaps kim* Why don't you ever listen to me!

Kim: *shocked*

Kathryn: *gasp* I’m so sorry baby. *tries to hug kim*

Kim: *pushes Kathryn away* How dare you!

Blake: *runs to the kitchen* What happened?

Kathryn:  I slapped Kim.

Blake: You slapped her?! Why?

Kim: Because mom kept telling me to be with Harry, and I told her I wouldn't get back with him so she decided to slap me thinking that would get me back with Harry.

Blake: *upset/slaps Kathryn*

Kim: *gasp*

Blake: How did that feel Kathryn?

Kathryn: *hurt* We been married for twenty years and today you decide to hit me?

Blake: Exactly how Kim’s been in our life for twenty years and you never hit her until now.

Kim: Dad, it wasn’t really anything really.

Blake: How dare you put your hands on my daughter!

Kathryn: *runs to the room*

Blake: Go to sleep too honey.

Kim: *hugs blake from behind* You didn’t really have to slap mom dad.

Blake: She had to taste her own medicine.

Kim: You shouldn't lay a hand on someone just because they did it to someone else.

Blake:  *turns and hugs kim* She hit my baby girl.

Kim: *cries*

Blake: It’s ok baby, everything’s gonna be fine the next day.

Kim: *really cries* I’m so sorry for everything.

Blake: It’s not you baby.

Kim: If I wasn’t born so early then mom and you could have been happier together.

Blake: No, you’re the best thing that’s happened to us honey. Don’t say that.

Kim: *hugs blake tighter* I love you daddy.

Blake: I love you more princess, now go get some rest.

Kim: Ok, don’t stay up to late.

Blake: I won’t.

Kim: Goodnight.

Blake:  Goodnight princess.

Kim: *walks up to her room*

Kathryn: *crying in the room*

Kim: *peeks at Kathryn* I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry for everything that I cause you and dad. *cries* If it wasn’t for me then you two would be happier together.

Kathryn: *sobs*

Kim: *walks slowly back to her room*

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