When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


26. He Went Where?/I Love Her

Kathryn: *wakes kim up* Kim!

Kim: *hears and wakes up* Yeah?

Kathryn: It’s ten, wake up. You’re father and I are gonna go to the store, we’ll be home a little pass noon.

Kim: Ok.

Kathryn: Wake up and make breakfast for you and Louis.

Kim: I’m up.

Kathryn: Louis left to his place, he’ll be back later.

Kim: *wakes up* What?

Kathryn: You heard me correctly.

Kim: Ok.

Kathryn: Hurry up and make breakfast for you two, he should be coming back in a little bit he said.

Kim: Ok, I heard you once.

Kathryn: Bye!

Zayn: What happened to you two last night?

Louis: *chuckles* What you mean?

Zayn: We tried calling you.

Louis: Oh, my phone was shot.

Liam: Where are you staying?

Louis: For now, I’m staying with Kim and her parents.

Niall: What?!

Louis: Yeah. *chuckles*

Zayn: I thought his dad was…

Louis: He likes me actually. This may sound crazy, but he wants me to marry his daughter.

Niall: So are you?

Louis: I don’t know guys, I love this girl, but I still have a feeling she still loves Harry.

Liam: Wait, staying with her? Did you two do something more than just kissing?

Louis:  *silent*

Liam: Louis, no.

Zayn: *laughs* You had sex with her didn’t you?

Louis: *chuckles softy* Yeah, I did.

Niall: What? Kissed her and had sex with her in one night?

Louis: Yeah, she loved it.

Liam: Really?

Louis:  She said it herself.

Zayn: *laughing* Wow, I never knew she… wow. *cont. laughing*

Louis: Yeah, but things aren’t going great at her place.

Niall: Why?

Louis: Her parents argued nonstop, it’s like they hate and love each other at the same time.

Liam: Yeah? I hope things will get better with them.

Louis: I don’t know, her dad likes me, and her mom wants her to get back with Harry after she told her mom what Harry did to her.

Liam: Well, what did Kim decide?

Louis: Like I said, I love her, but I think she still loves Harry.

Liam: So you’re thinking she’s gonna get back with Harry?

Louis: God, I pray she doesn’t get back with him.

Niall: He’s coming, he just parked up.

Louis: Ok, I’m gonna go before he gets out the car.

Liam:  Alright, call us.

Louis: Alright. *leaves*

Harry: Louis.

Louis: Harry. *stare downs with harry*

Kim: Oh, you’re back.

Louis: Yeah. *smiles*

Kim: Where’d you go?

Louis: To the house.

Kim: Oh, how are the others?

Louis: They miss you.

Kim: *smiles*

Louis: Where are your parents?

Kim: They’re not home, they went shopping. It’s funny because they never go shopping together, wearing business clothes. I haven’t seen them wear that since who knows when.

Louis: That is weird; maybe they’re having a job interview?

Kim: Yeah, why didn’t I think of that.

Louis: *walks up to kim and kisses her cheek* How’d you sleep?

Kim:  I slept ok and you?

Louis: Perfect. *smiles*

Kim: I made breakfast and lunch if you wanted some.

Louis:  Oh? Did you eat already?

Kim: No, I’m not hungry.

Louis: Well still come eat with me.

Kim: *smiles* Ok.

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