When You Learn How To Love

This is my first fanfic made, it's not the best and all, but please read it and tell me what you think of it. Be honest and give me as much feedbacks as possible. It won't hurt me lol. It'll actually help me improve more. When You Learn How To Love is just a random story about 1D and a girl name Kim. How Kim's relationship with Harry changes when Louis kisses her. And what happens when Kim finds out her parents are divorcing. If this story doesn't make any sense to you. I AM SOOOOOO SORRY lol !


30. Don't Leave

Kim: *hears and wakes up* What are you doing dad?

Blake: I was just cleaning honey.

Kim: I told you I would clean with you tomorrow.

Blake: I know, but I couldn’t sleep.

Kim: Dad, I figured it out.

Blake: Figured what out honey?

Kim: I, I know why you took me to camp.

Blake: Why?

Kim: *cries* You’re leaving aren’t you?

Blake: *fakes a laugh* What? No, where would I go?

Kim: I don’t know, what did the paper say?

Blake: What paper?

Kim: Just tell me, are you leaving?

Blake: The only place I’m going is here.

Kim: You and mom are getting divorced aren’t you guys?

Blake: *feels guilty* Honey, it was the only way that would make your mother happy.

Kim: But does it make you happy? *crying*

Blake: Honestly honey, no it doesn’t. It makes me sad, to leave this house and to leave you behind.

Kim: Then don’t go dad!

Blake: *cries* Aw, honey.

Kim: *crying hard* Don’t leave me please.

Blake: *hugs kim* Don’t cry baby. *crying*

Kim: Promise me you won’t leave me behind. I don’t want to be those kids who don’t have a dad.

Blake: I’m not leaving you at all honey. I love you baby.

Kim: Tell me you won’t leave.

Blake: I’ll never leave your side.

Kathryn: Go to sleep Kim.

Kim: *looks and sees Kathryn* Mom, were you listening this whole time?

Kathryn: I need to talk to your father.

Kim: *looks at blake*

Blake: It’s ok, I’ll be ok.

Kim: Goodnight dad.

Blake: Goodnight sweetheart. *kisses kims forehead*

Kim: *walks pass Kathryn* Goodnight mom.

Kathryn: Hurry up and get to bed.

Kim: *hurt*

Kathryn: When are you gonna leave? Do I have to keep telling you?

Blake: I was gonna go until my daughter woke up.

Kathryn: You’re daughter? She’s now my daughter. You’re not even allowed to see her anymore.

Blake: What is she? Sixteen? She can do whatever she wants; she can see whoever she wants!

Kathryn: Oh, so changing your words about her now huh. Now you agree with me, that she should go on her own.

Blake: Yes! Matter of fact, she doesn’t even have to live with you or me! She can move on her own! She has a job! She’s making money! For heaven sakes, she pays the bills for this house Kathryn! Maybe you should be moving out too!

Kathryn: I plan to move out of this house to start of freshBlake, but with my daughter!

Blake: *chuckles mad* With Kim? I don’t even know if she wants to live with you anymore. I’m sure she’s sick and tired of you as well!

Kathryn: My daughter loves me more than you, and she will stay with me until I’m no longer by her side.

Kim: *crawls to the stair/sits and listens*

Blake: Until you’re no longer by her side? I’ll always be by her side Kathryn! I raised her well and took her places when she was down and bullied! I was her friend when no one wanted to talk to her or be around her! I’m the person that made her the happiest when she needed it! Not you Kathryn. All you did was sit back and thought of something to say and do! Because of you our daughter lives this life! It wasn’t me!

Kathryn: Oh shut up Blake! All because of me?! You’re lucky I even liked you!

Blake: Wrong, you’re lucky I sticked around when everyone bullied you from seventh grade til senior year. If it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead!

Kathryn: *slaps blake*

Blake: Exactly what I meant Kathryn! *grabs his bags and opens the door*

Kim: *stands up quick* Please don’t go.

Blake: *looks up at kim* I’m sorry honey, I, I can’t stay. Not with a witch like your mother.

Kathryn: A witch!? I’ll show you what a witch is! *walks towards blake and smacks him*

Kim: Mom! Stop! *runs down the stairs* Stop hitting dad.

Blake: I should have gotten custody of our daughter!

Kathryn: Please! She’s over eighteen; she can stay anywhere she wants!

Kim: Then I’m going with dad.

Kathryn: What? No you’re not.

Kim: I’m over eighteen, didn’t you just say that.

Kathryn: Your father isn’t gonna love you.

Kim: Just like you right?

Kathryn: *slaps kim and walks off*

Blake: *gasp* Kathryn Anne Leonard! You come back here right now!

Kim: *crying* Don’t leave dad.

Blake: I’m sorry honey, but I have to.

Kim: Says who? Mom, that paper? You don’t have to go anywhere dad, we can fix this.

Blake: I just need some space and clear my mind for a bit.

Kim: *closes her eyes crying*

Blake: *kisses kims forehead and leaves*

Kim: *cries harder* Dad! *runs after blake and pulls his arms*

Blake: *cries* Don’t do this honey.

Kim: I’m sure mom doesn’t want you to leave! She’s probably just upset over something! She needs you dad! I need you.

Blake: And I’ll always be here for you two baby.

Kim: *crying*

Blake: *slowly moves kim hand* I love you.

Kim: *drops to her knees*

Blake: *gets in the car slowly and drives off*

Kim: *runs after the car*

Blake: *looks in the mirror crying and slowly drives off faster*

Kim: *crying* Dad! *stops and falls* Daddy.

Blake: *looks at the mirror again and sees kim on the street* My baby! *cries harder and makes a turn and stops to cry*

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