I Fell In What They Call "Love" A Harry Styles Love Story

Mia is an average high school girl who has been with her boyfriend Trey for 2 years. Everything in her life changes when she runs into the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. Will she stay with Trey or will she fall in "love" with Harry?


4. Talk About... Sparks ;)

Harry's POV: I was texting Zayn, asking him where he was when I ran into this beautiful girl. She looked scared, and she was bleeding.She said her name was Mia (beautiful name by the way) So I helped her up, and now I'm walking her home :) "So Harry... What are you actually doing here in Manchester?" Mia asked. "Well the boys and I have a few shows here in Manchester before we head to America." I smiled at her :) "Nice" "Are yall excited to go to America? I heard it's beautiful over there" She flashed me a smile.♥"Yeah we're excited and it IS beautiful over there" I shouted playfully and flipped my curls. She giggled and smiled at the ground. "And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know you're beautiful." I sang and put her hand up against mine♥ She blushed, which was really cute ;) "Everyone must be right about you Harry Styles... you really are a charmer" She laughed. Then she came to a sudden stop."Well thank you for walking me home" :) "My pleasure" I smiled hardcore. "It was nice to FINALLY meet you Harry" She moved her hair out of her face. She began to walk down her driveway "Mia... Wait" She turned around to face me "Yes?" She said in a cute voice."You seem like a chill person" OMG chill? Styles what are you saying, I thought. "I mean you seem like a pretty good friend" I continued. "So would you mind exchanging numbers?" I asked. "Ha not at all" she held her hand out for me to give her my phone, then she gave me her's. I programed my number in her phone and I put my name as: Hazza♥. I got my phone back and she was under: Mia :D ♡♡♡♡♡. I looked up from my phone and she smirked (In a good way) "Well hope to see you soon Harry" She smiled and walked into her house.All that played in my head was "See you soon" ♡

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