I Fell In What They Call "Love" A Harry Styles Love Story

Mia is an average high school girl who has been with her boyfriend Trey for 2 years. Everything in her life changes when she runs into the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. Will she stay with Trey or will she fall in "love" with Harry?


3. Running Into Fame Itself

Trey's POV: When Mia showed me the pictures of me and Jessica together,  I froze. I know what I did was an awful thing to do to her after 2 years of going out. "Mia!" I yelled when she jumped out of the car. I stopped the car and quickly got out. Panic shook my whole body. I was looking every where for her, then my eyes laid on Mia's motionless body. "Mia!!!" I ran over to her. She was bleeding,  I didn't know what to do! She then began to move "Mia..." She sat up and held her head "Get away from me Trey" She screamed. "Mia let me help you" I said trying to help her up. "No! Get your filthy cheating hands away from me!" She jolted up and began to run down the street. Mia's POV: I jetted down the street, trying to get away from Trey. I didn't even bother to look back. Hate started to fill my body, so I ran faster. I decided to look back to see if Trey was chacing me. I looked foward again and then all of a sudden BAM! I fell back... I guess I ran into something or someone. I sat up and look infront of me, I ran into a curly haired boy. He stood up and cleaned off his clothes, then walked toward me. "I'm sorry for knocking you down, I wasn't paying attention." I apologized. "No it was my fault love. Let me help you up." He said and put his arm down. "Thank you" I said as he pulled me up. Then thats when I recognized him. Those green eyes, brown curly hair, dimples, and that contageous smile. I wasn't thinking about what was gonna happen so I said "Harry? " He smiled at me . "So you do know me" He smiled again. "You're Harry Styles from One Direction" I was fangirling inside. "Yup... see these curls" He laughed. "If I may ask...why were you running so fast love?" He began to make conversation with me . "Umm... I was running away from my boyfriend"I looked down. "Love you're bleeding!" He shouted and moved closer to me. My heart began to race like crazy. He moved his thumb across my head and wiped some blood away. "Thanks" I smiled up at him. "Well I should really be getting home now." I added. "I can walk you home if you like?"He said in a considering voice. "That would be nice" I took his offer. Hey its not every day you run into Harry Styles from One Direction ;) x

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