I Fell In What They Call "Love" A Harry Styles Love Story

Mia is an average high school girl who has been with her boyfriend Trey for 2 years. Everything in her life changes when she runs into the famous Harry Styles from One Direction. Will she stay with Trey or will she fall in "love" with Harry?


2. I'm Done

Mia's POV: Me and Trey were sitting in Last period which was Chemistry, the most boring class EVER!!! He held my hand and rubbed tiny little circles with his thumb. I smiled at the tingling sensation :) I felt my pocket vibrate... "Really" I sighed. I took my phone out and looked at it. It was a text from my friend Owen who sat couple of rows down from me. The text read: Meet me in the parking lot after class... we need to talk -_-. Me: Okay???. I put my phone back into my pocket, and thought "Why does Owen need to talk to me????" "I hope its nothing bad" All these thoughts went through my mind. "Mia... Mia... Mia!" I heard Trey shout. I shook my head and said "what?" "Class is over babe. " "Oh... okay" I grabbed my back pack and walked out of the class, and headed toward the parking lot. "Mia!" I looked over to where Owen's car was parked , and there stood Owen. "You needed to talk to me?" I said with a straight face as I walked up to him. "Yeah" "What is it?" I asked. "You may want to have a look at these." He handed me a yellow envelope. I took it from him, scared of what I may find in it. I opened it to find pictures. I studied them real closely,  Trey and... JESSICA!!! (Jessica is Trey's Ex) "Owen! What the hell is this!!!" I screamed in his face. "This was yesterday..." He scratched the back of his neck and looked down. I looked at the pictures one more time." Want me to handle him?"Owen asked, sounding a bit angry now. "No! I will handle him!!!" I yelled thowing the pictures in my back pack. Trey pulled up by me and Owen in his Red Camaro. He signaled for me to get in. I looked back at Owen and gave him a weak smile. Car Ride With Trey... I looked outside the window as Trey drove to my house. Every once in a while he would look a me, wanting to say something. A tear started to roll down my face, just thinking...why? Why did it have to be Jessica? Finally he spoke "Babe what's wrong?" "Really?! You know Trey!" I cried. "What are you talking about? " I started unzipping my back pack quickly,  I got the pictures and threw them at him. "What is that!?!?" I yelled.His eyes widened in amazment. "Yeah... I know already, so dont even try to make up a damn excuse!" "I.., I'm sorry." He cried. "No Trey! How can you do this to me after 2 years of being with you!" I yelled in anger. He had nothing to say, "I'm through with you" I opened the car door while it was still moving. "Mia! What the HELL are you doing!?" He screamed. "Something I should've done a long time ago." With that said I jumped out of the car!

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