Forever Alone ~COMPLETE~

~ boys arent famous~My name is Tyler Marie Newman. I am 19 years old. When I was 14 I lost both my parents and my 10 year old sister in a car wreck. I have recently moved to London to start my career as a photographer. But lets start with the day I met the man I was going to love forever. Little did I know forever would end quicker then I thought.


4. The Day After

Tylers POV

"mmm" i groaned as the sun from the window hit my face. I rolled over hitting Harry. oops I forgot i slept out here last night. I watched his bare chest rise and fall with his steady breathing. his face so serene as he slept. I took in every detail of his face. I cant believe anyone could be so beautiful. He sighed and pulled me into him. I giggled and blushed as I thought of last night. that was the first time we had ever been intimate like that and it was magical. thinking back to how beautiful he looked as he laid above me the moon cascading across his body. The way he was so gentle with me yet still firm. Like he wanted to protect me but still make sure i would never leave. I turned to face him as he started to stir. he opened his eyes and looked over at me a smile spreading across his face. "good morning my love" he said leaning over and kissing me on the cheek. I smiled back and blushed "good morning" "let me make you some breakfast." he sat up and got out of the bed grabbing his clothes and heading to the bedroom. he was completely naked so i couldnt help but watch him. my eyes roamed his back and then fell on his butt. god did he have a nice ass. he made it to the bedroom and he turned to look at me. "I know you were checking me out" he smirked. I blushed and fell back into the pillows. "cant help it Haz you have a nice ass." I said laughing. He laughed and then dissapeared into the room. I sat in the bed for a few minutes until I decided to get up and put something on. harry walked in and started to make breakfast. As I was standing putting my panties back on I could feel him watching . without turning around I called to him. "now whos checking out who?" I giggled. "I cant help it you have a nice ass." he said mimicking me. I got the t shirt on and turned walking into the kitchen. he smiled at me and winked. I opened his fridge and grabbed the juice. pulling a cup down and unscrewing the lid. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, he moved my hair from my left to my right side as he started to kiss my neck. as he was kissing my neck he hit my sweet spot. "god harry" i said pulling away. "do you want me to spill the juice?" I hit him in the shoulder. he just shook his head and laughed at me. I wallked around the island and sat in one of the bar stools, taking sips of my juice. "here try this" he dipped his index finger into the mixture and lifted it to my mouth. I stuck his finger in my mouth and pulled it right back out. "mmm Oh my god harry that tastes really good" i said smiling and licking my lips. "good" he smiled back. I watched as he poured the mixture into each individual hole. he did it with such grace it was amazing. I loved watching him cook. he put it in the oven and set the timer. walking over to me he sat in the stool next to me. "what do you want to do with your life?" he asked. it took me bye surprise but i answered. "well one day i want to own an art gallery." he smiled at me. "thats really cool, and you would hang your photos in it?" "yes and other pieces of art that is unique." he took my hand and kissed it. " i cant wait to see the grand opening." i rolled my eyes." yeah me too if i ever bought a gallery." i laughed. but he looked at me and smiled. "i believe you will." looking into his eyes i felt frozen like even if i had to i couldnt move. nothing could take me away. "beep,beep" the timer sounded and broke our staring apart. He pulled it out of the oven. "mmmm, smells great." "crap, crap" he said dropping the pan on the counter. i jumped up and sprinted to him. "what happened let me look." i said taking his hand. yep he burned it. I walked him over to the stool and made him sit down. i went to the fridge and pulled out some mustard. "im fine really " he said looking at me. "no your not now let me help." i took his hand and applied some mustard on it. "where did you learn to put mustard on it?" he asked. "my mum" I replied. i lifted his hand and started to blow on it. I could feel him watching me. i looked up, "what?" i asked. "I meant what I said last night. about falling in love with you." i looked into his eyes seeing only truth. "as did I my Harry" I smiled. he leaned forward kissing me gently on the lips. even a small kiss like this sets me on fire.  

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